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Posted: November 18, 2014 by Dr Ansuman Kar, MBBS, MD in Editorial, Kritika @ KIIT

In Hindu mythology KRITIKA refers to the six damsels or ‘gandharva-kanyas‘ who adopted Lord Shiva’s son as the fruit of their worship to the lord as Kumar was cared and brought up by six kritika he was popularly called Kartikeya. Kartikeya was a great warrior and at the same he was an even greater scholar and Kritika’s are the mothers of this scholar and so they are also scholars. Another story from the mythology refer to kritikas are the 7-learned sages called the saptarishis who reside in the sky as stars or kritikas. In either of the case kritika means the literary star or  scholars.We here at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT University) consider all our writers our stars and hence a magazine published by them is aptly christened  KRITIKA.

KIIT & KISS University and its Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta are not just household names of Odisha but also a global brand of education in India. As the mouthpiece of this university Kritika-the annual student’s magazine is pledged to show-case our literary talent to the world. Kritika in its previous editions have had the privilege of being associated with some of the best authors of our time starting from Padmashree Dr. Ruskin Bond to the new youth authors like Mr. Ravinder Singh. This society has been able to promote its writer giving them the best of best platforms to showcase the power of their pen. The university has produced many young authors who have gone up to achieve national fame as upcoming youth authors. KIIT best known worldwide for its educational and skill development activities is constantly encouraging the budding writers to express the feelings of their heart through their pen. Thus Kritika as we call it “dil ke kalaam se” is the display of our students creativity. We here at kritika are not just publishing stories(fiction and nonfiction),essays, poems and personal accounts but here we are publishing jokes, shayaris, sketches,photos,screenplays,newsletters, and anything and everything that is a sign of  literary creativity. The magazine is containing articles in English,Hindi and Odiya exhibiting a perfect balance of international, national and regional appeal. Our writers are blessed with god’s grace and their thoughts will make you think about it for a while. through kritika we  try to cover the diversities of life in the most creative way that can stay for ages to come.

We at kritika believe that life is an on-going serial whose episodes are best compiled from the pen of the heart. Some screenplays draw high TRP and some don’t but all the episodes are written honestly with genuine thoughts. We believe Kritika is one of those rare magazines which features the thoughts and expressions of the best of best brains of today’s time starting from a medico  to an engineer to a lawyer to a scientist or to an artist. And to make this star of KIIT world renowned we are proud to have associated ourselves with campuswriting. We hope and believe that this platform given to us by campuswriting will  give both of us mutual glories. The writing stars of Kritika will feel honored and work in producing better works and make not just themselves but also KIIT and campuswriting proud……

the team @ Kritika | KIIT

Ansuman Kar, Coordinator

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