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My core scorched with the blaze of agony,
An era of betrayal,
An eon of catastrophes.

The stars’ve guided me to this massacre,
This sunset of being,
This nightfall of mirages.

Moon showered its wicked blessings,
Witnessing my draining fall.
Destiny is my stabber,
Fate is the conspirator,
And I? I am the wretched sufferer.

The two comrades have carried out His commands,
He adjourned me as the slaughtered animal.
And He? He is the vindictive Demon, the soul crusher.
Doomed and annihilated,
I now await the freedom of death.

I collapsed on my knees,
Hands spread-eagled,
Looming for the completion of misfortunes.
My interiors became icy-cold,
As I smother myself to an eternal existence.

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

Ek pehchan dhundhne nikla hun
Jo kho gaya hai woh armaan dhundhne nikla hun

Gum gaya jo jahan mera
Main woh jahan dhundhne nikla hun
Tutey sapne, bichde apne
Jis manzil ka kuch pata nahi, us manzil ko dhundhne nikla hun

Ek pehchan dhundhne nikla hun
Jo kho gaya hai woh armaan dhundhne nikla hun

Rab sey bair kar baitha hun
Jag haar kar betha hun
Jis raah ka mujhe pata nahi
Us raah par chal main nikla hun

Ek pehchan dhundhne nikla hun
Jo kho gaya hai woh armaan dhundhne nikla hun

Chale jaa raha hun us sahil ki ore
Jo shayad kabhi tha hi nahi
Badhe ja raha hun main kis manzil ki ore
Shayad haan, shayad mujhe pata nahi

Ek pehchan dhundhne nikla hun
Jo kho gaya hai woh armaan dhundhne nikla hun

Dhundh raha hun us kandhe ko
Jis par sar rakhkar ro saku
Ya us purane bargad kay ped ko
Jiski chaava mein kuch pal so saku

Ek pehchan dhundhne nikla hun
Jo kho gaya hai woh armaan dhundhne nikla hun

Krishnaveer Singh Rathore
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

You came into my life like an angel,

To rise me up in my time,

You blew away the darkness,

Such is your might.

My heart holds on to you,


I promise I’ll never let go.

I love you my left, I love you my right.

The world is our’s to conquer,

Our flag of love ,

Will reign over kingdoms,

People’s hearts.

The kiss of your lips,

Works as balm on my pain.

One small smile,

Makes my eyes twinkle

Like the stars of the night.

I love you and only you,

Together me and you,

Just you and me

Together forever..!

Jimmy Idnani

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

Contest: Relationships? Are they about emotions and compatibility?

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

As I make a comparison of the YOUTH – then, now and then, I think over one of the aspect of today’s youngster’s life that is FRIENDSHIP: WHICH IS THE MOST SHINING AND LIVELIEST FEELING AMONG YOUTH.

Has the gap of years brought about a change in this feeling or it is same as before?

Let’s find out.

Firstly let’s go back to 90’s when our parents were young what I see is that they are sincere, generous, obedient, quiet and full of energy to transform their lives. Their main motive was just to live a happy, satisfied and comfortable life. To earn bread for their family. I don’t say they didn’t have dreams but they had just in their eyes no fire to fulfill them, they were less ambitious.

Now open your eyes see yourself you are today’s youth. What all has changed in these years. Our lifestyle, aim, needs everything is different from our parents which is commonly known as generation gap. We are more ambitious, full of ideas and confident enough to implement them, ready to transform world in the way we want. Today’s youth is much realistic and thinks by standing on the ground ,they don’t make castles in air. Their friendship list used to end at number 2 or 3 and ours is endless as our slogan goes har ek  friend zaroori hota hai.

Now let’s come to the main point friends… what older ones used to say was ”friends are fire, fire the friends”, and we say “friends forever”. Our ringtones are like jo tera hai wo mera hai and har ek friend zaroori hota h so true just listening to them makes me tap my feet. Our each day starts with a good morning message to our friends and ends with a goodnight, sweet dreams wish to our dear ones different from our former ones they used to start their by touching the feet of their parents. Birthdays are our biggest events, friendship day our Fest. Friendship band ties two people in a lifelong relationship……. India’s top telecoms like Airtel have used this feeling to sell their products by making youthful songs. I don’t condemn it rather this song led by a choir of young people in high spirits on a bus ride along the seaside, the campaign truly portrays today’s youth.

Now, what say about upcoming youth will they be more independent, broad-minded, ambitious than us or sincere and followers like 90’s youth. With my foresight vision if I see 2025’s youth my heart stops, a trench of fear moves down my soul with this thought that if this feeling be used by MNC’s like today to publicise and advertise their products and if this ratio gets increased it might destroy the meaning of this beautiful relation. I wish the youth of the future don’t take this relation as time pass or to fulfil his needs.  I pray this relation does not end up being trapped in the web of this selfish world but make their own friendly world. May this relation get nurtured, flourished with more bright colours and the true meaning of this feeling be spread in manifolds in the whole world.

Prabhasini Mathur

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

Pain Of Love…

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In steamy holy silences of dew
A thousands cries and tears few
It isn’t my mistake, it’s not true
The pain inside me grew and grew
Night of war ended like this
A drizzling eye and a pious kiss
Between the satin sheets most I miss
We grew apart and it’s not a bliss
It won’t be true to hide it in
You knew it all, all within
Some words left unsaid, it’s not a sin
I lost myself, so now you win
Its true what u do never goes anywhere
It’s all around it settles down in air
All your deeds all the crimes u dare
You taste defeat when u think u r a player
And it happened I got to know how my venom felt
It tastes too bitter but I guess it was dealt
What I did last night happened to me today
I guess it’s the true price of your tears that I should pay…

                                                  Abhishek Kumar

Sir Padampat Singhania University

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur


Tu hi tu hai sab kuch meri

Tere hi dum sey hai meri khushiyaan

Tujhse hi hai astitva mera

MAA main hissa tera

Jo aaj main hun wo banaya tuney

In athaarah saal mein har pal saath nibhaaya tuney

Teri baahon mein kayd rehna chahti hun

Tera khane ko har pal chakhna chahti hun 

Tujhko apne paas rakhna chahti hun

Har pal ke faasle ke liye tumse ladna chahti hun

Main royi hun kayi raat sochkar yahi baat

Ki main jab dur chali jaungi

Teri baahon ka bichona kaha se laungi

Darr ke maare kiske aaghosh mein simat paungi

Aur fir aapke siva kiska itna haira karungi

Kiska sar khaungi, kiska ji jalaungi

Kiski godi mein sar rakhkar bekhauf so jaungi

MAA kya main tujhse kabhi judaa ho paungi

Aap meri jarurat ho, chahat ho,

Yaad ho, fariyaad ho

Ek anmol rishta ho, ek farishta ho

Meri janani ho, dil kay kitne kareeb ho

Mujh mein jo hai wo sanskar ho

Mere vujood ki rachnakaar ho

Meri parakashtha ho, MAA aap mera pyar ho . . . .

Vasundha Nahar

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

The blood

trickling out of my wounds

as I will lie there

thinking about you

and you shall smile, as I die

in a pool of love and wrath,

mixed emotions,

the pain unbearable as I smile

cause your face was the last thing

I’ll ever see in this world,

to die from the hands of my love

to die for her, by her

I’d do it a hundred times over

if she would want

if it would please,

my soul clenching the very essence of her

never letting go

till the love or the pain goes away

and I shall be whole again

with or without her

an empty shell, waiting for its owner

who lies bleeding in her heart.

Kinshuk  Kashyup
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

It was good while it lasted,

I wish it had gone more,

But I know I cannot stop you,

from leaving me forevermore.


I loved you from the beginning of time,

and shall do so till the end,

I don’t care if you leave me,

I just know in my heart you’ll be there.


I’ll miss you when you’re gone,

and you shall take with you,

a piece of me and my life,

I know that my love was true.


How my heart wants you to stay,

but it feels your pain,

I know I musn’t let you go,

and I know that’ll be insane.


You have chosen your path,

and upon it must you travel,

you musn’t think of the past,

and just continue upon the gravel.


Just keep one thought in mind,

and I must be that thought,

because you will always be mine,

and I will always be yours.


Destiny had brought us together,

and destiny’s taking us apart,

in this destiny’s atrium,

now we shall part.


I want to hold on to you,

and never ever let you go,

but for you and your happiness sake,

I must let go of you.


I’m sorry it’s coming to an end,

a large part of me you are,

and perhaps some day in some other life,

we’ll be together somewhere far.


Things did come between us,

and did tear us apart,

but we beat all the odds,

to find each others hearts.


I had the best time of my life,

and I’ll never forget it,

but now it’s time to say goodbye,

all good things come to it.


It is the end of all things,

of pain, of laughter, of joy,

but something will stay forever between us,

what exists between every girl and boy.

Kinshuk Kashyup
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur




The twisted part of me is now awake

finally released from it’s captivity

the burning inside stops for now

the icy coldness taking over me.


You really wanna get in my face?

you really wanna judge me now?

do not tempt me, for I will rewrite,

renew my own demonic vows.


Yes, I am crazy, I know

who the hell are you to care?

I’ve told you a million times before

it never will be your burden to bear.


Engage me and I’ll cut your throat

with the blade melded from moans

the senseless things you will utter

your sanity will be gone with your groans.


I will bring about your demise

with beautiful wounds and cuts

the gentle tears, the gush of blood

till there is nothing left of you but dust.


You think you can escape me?

my Wrath is beyond measure

all the lowly things you’ve done

counting them, oh, the pleasure.


Your screams will be a beautiful melody

with you waiting to bleed to death

in sync with the blood, a perfect harmony

I will be there, I’ll take away your last breath.


Kinshuk  Kashyup
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

Desert Love

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In the endless sands
She and me
The souls of youth and desires of east
We move to the unknown and our hearts at feast

O, you camel! Ride not in haste, lest she bleed
On your back is a jewel indeed
The best of flowers and a lover’s need
May we be a legend and let the generations read

O, my sweet one, to you is my speech
Move not farther, away from reach
Without you my love
Alas! my eyes, never shall they sleep. . . .

Abrar Ahmed
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur