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She threw a glance at me,

Her eyes a hue of gold;

The look of a brave queen,

Her majestic presence. Behold!

It was love at first sight,

A thrill beyond the senses,

Her beguiling charm captured,

Through my eye lenses.

She strutted on the grassy floor,

Draped in saffron and white,

The furry coat and canines,

Gleamed in the afternoon light.

The Kumaon hills stood tall,

The throne of regal royalty.

She was a tigress, I loved,

My muse of heavenly beauty.

Kunal Borah

6th sem


in collaboration with The AECIAN; Assam Engineering College

‘Will they talk to me? Will they even look at me? What if I am completely ignored?’ Such are the thoughts racing past Meera‘s mind as she stares outside the window of their two bedroom flat in a semi-urban locality. She is waiting for her father to assist her to college after a wide gap of five months. She does not even know if she has any chance of clearing the exams this year whatsoever.

Suddenly her eyes fall on a group of girls walking across the pavement. They seem so cheerful, with ice-creams in hand, sharing some common joke. This scene again takes her to the flashback, five months ago, when she was returning with her friends from a theatre. Since it was just evening and she was only two blocks away from her home, so after coming halfway in her friend’s car, she thought of walking home.

One simple decision, three drunk men beside the dark road, and it took just a few minutes for them to tear her life apart. Her father after searching for her the entire night found her hiding behind a garbage dump to preserve her modesty. News spread like a wildfire. Some people visited her to offer sympathy. They gave varied advices, but their expressions conveyed -‘you have no life hereafter’. Strangers she knew nothing about protested for her to the government, but no one, not a single friend kept a hand on her forehead and gave a reassuring smile. No one even for a false second tried to fathom how she felt at that time, no one told her that it’s going to be alright. The emotional cocktail brewing inside her was tearing her soul apart. The TV channel reporters made her feel like she was inside a circle of cannibals butchering her with their looks of suppressed hunger.

She could not face anyone, so she shut herself up in her house. She kept on thinking-Why me? Why do people make me feel that I did something wrong, that it was my fault? Is it just because our society is afraid to point a finger towards a man? I don’t see any policeman harassing outside those men’s house. Oh, I forgot, they haven’t found them yet. And why has none of my friends called me?

A week ago her parents took her to a park. A kid came and started playing with her. She smiled after so many months. But not after that kid’s mother dragged her son away from her. Her dried tears came out gushing and she again drowned in her own pathos-filled river.

Now after five months she has somehow gathered up the broken pieces of courage and decided to go to college. She is full of apprehension, full of insecurity. Still, she has to do it, she tries to sound somewhat confident to herself. Suddenly she notices a bird flying past her window, nothing to worry about, total freedom. She closes her eyes, picturing herself as a free bird, smiling in ecstasy.

‘Meera, we have to go now’, her father’s voice suddenly brings her back to reality. And she left the window with a faint smile on her lips.

Asmita Paul

6th Semester


Assam Engineering College

in collaboration with The AECIAN; Assam Engineering College

The Night Sky…

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Exam time makes one appreciate the beauty of a night sky…this is the result of roaming under the sky…and staring away at the late as 4 am 🙂 just a random string of thoughts

“Nights are amazing,…the way the darkest hues of blue recede to duller gray counterparts after being pierced by the night city lights glowing  on the horizon like the beacons of mystery….the lights make this delightful pattern known only to my eyes…it dawns a feeling of being back home jobless… Remaining constant and same…subtly distinct but with an easy sense of familiarity….the stars…are shining eternally..unlike many of us..clouds make them diminish and disappear not unlike our fate when confronted by problems…it gives peace…being static as it is but also fluidly dynamic…

The lone star, near the moon..inspires with awe a power unknown to the being to shine and be as eminent as it remains constant when everything around you changes…life changes…people change…and situations keep changing..,,it soothes us down…the burning rage ..The burning desires…the all disappears and a complementary calmness settles it…engulfing us and driving all other thoughts out..

The night sky…it complements the beauty of earthly objects amidst the soft glow hiding the deformities in the darkness….it provides an opportunity to de-attach…cut off from the shallow world of obligations…away under the natural roof amidst life at rest,,but the stillness rejuvenates…it enthralls and woes to follow to the dawn of understanding a whole new world awakens when the darkness falls..darkness brings enlightenment ..The space to let go the bindings and think in peace armed with virtues and patience “

The silence provides a virtual think…imagine….and being creative….”

Nivedita Saxena

National Law institute university Bhopal

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

मांडवी, पणजी के साथ साथ बहती, जीवनधारा है, समृद्धी का, आर्थिक सम्पन्नता का आधार है, विशाल है, विख्यात है और अगर ध्यान से देखें तो बला की खूबसूरत है! रात में जब पूरे शहर की रौशनी को खुद में तारों जैसे समेट लेती है, तो आसमान कहाँ, और धरती कहाँ, कोई फर्क नहीं रह जाता। देखा तो कई बार है, पर एक दिन जब टैक्सी में रेडियो पर बजते ‘मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ ‘ सुनते हुए उसकी ओर देखा तो उसके आहिस्ता आहिस्ता बहते पानी में बहुत सुकून पाया। हरिद्वार में जब गंगा मैदानों में उतरती है तो उसकी तीव्रता में जो शक्ति होती है वो मन के हर विचार को कुछ देर के लिए हरा देती है, यदि गंगा में प्रभुत्व है तो मांडवी में शीतलता है, घावों को भरने की क्षमता, स्थिरता है।

सहसा ही इच्छा हुई की रुक कर छू लूँ उसे। तट के उस पार पहाड़ हैं, पेड़ हैं, घर हैं, और मंदिर। कुछ पंक्तियाँ होठों तक आती हैं,
‘इस पार प्रिये, मधु है, तुम हो,
उस पार ना जाने क्या होगा’
जो काम पहले ख़त किया करते थे, अब sms के ज़रिये हो जाया करते हैं। सो आज ये छंद और मांडवी की असीम खूबसूरती को शब्दों में कैद कर कुछ अज़ीज़ लोगों को भेजा दिया। इस उम्मीद में की अपनी अपनी ज़िन्दगी की कहानियों में मसरूफ वो लोग जब किसी नदी को देखेंगे, यही गुनगुनायेंगे, कुछ ये छंद, कुछ हम, कुछ ये दिन उन्हें याद आयेंगे। और साथ ही आएगी एक मुस्कराहट।
अगर आप कभी गोवा आयें तो समंदर के अलावा इस बेमिसाल नगीने को देखना न भूलें। शाम को नदी किनारे बैठ सूरज को उस पार डूबने दें, और इस पार अपने मन की सभी कुंठाएं, कभी ग़मों को जाता हुआ महसूस करें। इसकी निरंतरता में अपनी नश्वरता को महसूस करें।
और जब सूरज डूब जाए तो निराश ना हों, क्योंकि अगली सुबह वो फिर यहीं से उगेगा और इस अंतराल में जो मुख़्तसर सियाह रात है वो भी किसी महबूब के आँचल सी रोशन है। बेजोड़ है।
-ऐश्वर्या तिवारी 
in collaboration with Srijan; BITS Pilani, Goa


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I believe in God,,
I believe in friendship,,
I believe in love,,
I believe there are angels,
I accept there are demons..
I believe that miracles occur,
I believe in dreams,
I accept my nightmares.
I believe in beauty..
I believe in winning,
I accept my failures..
I believe marriages are made in heaven..
So I accept divorces..
I believe in myself..
I believe people learn, people grow, people change…

in collaboration with The AECIAN; Assam Engineering College


Why does it occur?

What happens when we are attracted to someone?

Often we say that we are attracted to somebody even when we have never interacted with that person. We say there is an attraction or infatuation that exists between us. And the reason you give is that you like some of the qualities or the person’s attitude. If you must have noticed that there is a particular feature of the person that we are attracted to like eyes, smile, face, body language, physique and that is because of  how they express. Such as you may like a person’s eyes because of it tells you about his passion, truthfulness, sincerity or may be fidelity, modesty and much more. May be his smile dazzles you because it soothes you, it makes you happy or it charms you because of the innocence it has. His physique shows he is strong, brave or her’s shows her delicateness, naïvety and that is what attracts you. His body language shows he is confident and respects himself and others, her’s shows her grace and charm.

Simple science behind this is ‘vibes’. The vibes of his ‘charm’ (the character that attracts you) matches with your vibes of search. I would simply explain this as you are searching for your counterpart and there are certain basic traits which you wish for; when you find some of them in somebody you get attracted.

Now why doesn’t he or she get attracted to you? There are also two logical reasons for that: first, maybe the person’s vibes are different for you and second the strength of your vibes is not as strong as his or her’s for somebody else. This major fact leads to love triangles or cycles. I know it is not so easy to grasp the above mentioned ‘vibes’ view. So I quote my example.

I like somebody or maybe let us say, I am crazy about him. And I think that is not bad too. I like his eyes because of the wildness, passion and carefree, fun-loving attitude they display. And I like his smile because of the innocence it has. Now I like him too much and over time my vibes have reached him too, so basically he knows I like him. But he doesn’t like me. Maybe because he likes someone else more strongly than I like him.

I have noticed him too much to confirm this.

He is concerned for me but what I feel for him he may never feel. I still like him and will always do no matter how much ever I bluff myself because the vibes don’t end so easily, until they get diverted.

Now what if you find someone and there is resonance?

The bells ring, violins play and you fly higher and higher. You get attracted to the person and he or she  gets attracted to you. Then the search must come to end and you are confident that the vibes are actually getting communicated and reciprocated in the same way and amount. And you are not just a means to their destiny, but YOU are their destiny. And that is when the cupid strikes, love happens, in the simplest sense. This union of soul-mates that leads to ecstasy and satisfaction.

Vasundha Nahar
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

For once I ask, who are we? Trademarked ruins or a transgressed generation serving as a monolith? With neither sense, nor purpose of enlightenment, why do we meander around the walls of idiosyncrasy?

With silence we reproach from insides, never raising our voices louder than a childish whisper. Just a murmur and we suffice to the sufferings. We subject our wills to be demolished by the storms of suicidal society norms. Similar to a doomed wasp within a candle area, we annihilate ourselves. Self-destruction is what we are talking here!

Us, the would-be-achievers, the Lennon-dreamers we are called, wait! I want to rest all your misconceptions! Give or take a person, we are a mistreated and vile trash. Nothing more than a single insignificant thread in a despicable yarn of threads. We search for our degenerate paradises, deep in our carcinogenic day dreams, and believe that a pseudo world of beauties exist beyond the horizon.

Progressive are those who have bedded solitude in this lamenting wilderness of waste. Rest of us, damned! Owned! Possessed by our own lifestyle, haunted by our own misdoings! We live in a diabolical sea of misshapen dreams and gruesome scars, hiding our battered souls for the crystal perfect world would break if they (read society) know our insides.

Wake up! There are no Lennon’s and no Gandhi’s breathing amongst us. A refuse was what we were, an acceptance is what we will be. The monoliths would soon walk for humanity would not be tainted by one meaty headed generation. Dreamy cages and alternate realities are meant to be stapled. Aim for the stars, only then we will rise from the depths of shallowness and would fall on the Earth. Look beyond the horizons, beyond hells and heavens and look beyond the cauldron of truths and lies. For, what you seek is what you get!

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: I am my own hero


Main daudta hua Kolapur station par pohncha, wahaan meri train ” Kolapur Express” Lucknow jaane ke liye khadi thi. Tabhi TT ne green flag dikha diya and main bhagta hua train me chad gya jabki mere pass koi ticket bhi nahi tha, aur chada bhi toh kahan A.C coach me…!!

India me sab kuch JUGAAD, PEHCHAAN and CORRUPTION ke dam par ho hi jata hai, yeh baat main boht ache se jaanta tha, isiliye itna nishchit tha. Main khud corruption ko badhava nahi deta but uss din mera Lucknow jana boht hi zaruri tha. Mere dad ki tabiyat kaafi naazuk thi and maa bhi ghar par akeli thi isiliye maine ” PITRI DEVO BHAVA” ko mahatva diya aur seat no. 5 par let gya. Kuch der baad mere saamne ek mahashay apne doston ki toli ke saath akar baith gye. Sundar si dress aur nawabi andaaz dekh kar main samajh gya ki bhaiyaji Lucknowi hai. Thodi der baad unhone apna khane ka basta khola aur sabhi doston mein baatne lage. Samose , Kachori aur Mithayon ki bharmaar thi. Khane-pine ke kaafi shaukeen lag rhe the. Aakhir me mujhse bhi puch liya, ” Arre Bhaiya..! Bimar ho ka..? Lete kahe ho..? Baith jao tanik batiyaao humse, Lo samosa khao..! ” Unke chehre ki muskaan dekhkar main mana nahi kar paya. Kya pata woh mere dad ki bimari ke baare me jaan gye the..? Unhone fir pucha ,” Itni chinta mein kahe ho…? ” Maine unhe apne dad ki haalat ke baare me bataya but woh santusht nahi hokar puche, ” Puri bimari ke baare me batao..? “

Mere saamne dad ka chehra agya and aankhon se aansu chalak pade, yeh dekhte hi unhone mere kandhe par haath rakh diya, maine bola, ” Unhe BLOOD CANCER hai..!” and I started crying like a five year old. Pura mahaul tense ho gya, Unhone kaha ,” Chinta mat karo..Bhagwaan sab thik kar denge..!” And then he hugged me very tightly. Unke ek dost , who considered himself very smart, immediately bole ,” Bhagwaan bharose kuch nhi hoga , Inhe ek ache doctor ki zarurat hai..! Bhagwaan par toh mera vishwas hi nahi rha. Agar woh hote toh apke Pitaji ko CANCER thodi hota..! Kya unme itni bhi daya nahi.”  Bhagwaan me logon ki naastikta dekh mujhe boht dukh hua, Tab tak main dad ke gham se bhi bahar agya tha aur unki baaton ko dhyaan se sunne laga. Woh sab aapas me bol rhe the, ” Jo dikhai nahi deta, Jo kabhi nahi milta, Jisse baat nahi kar sakte , Usko kaise accept karle..? Kaise maan le ki woh hai..? “

Main unki baatein ek dam patiently sunta rha, Jab sab chup ho gye, toh maine kaha,”Mahashay..! Kya aapki shaadi ho gayi hai..? ” He said, ” Haan..! Aur do bachche bhi hai..! ” Itne mein TT sahab agye aur humari baaton ko dhyaan se sunne lage, Main bhi itna busy ho gya tha ki bhul hi gya ki TT sahab wahan par the. Maine bola,” Kya aap apni wife and bachchon se niswarth prem karte hai..? “

” Haan karta hun..! Boht pyaar karta hun..!” Phir main bola, ” Yahi toh ishwar ka roop hai..! Woh ek meim anek hai, anek mein ek hai..! Aap bhi naastik nahi hai, bas aap shyad bhagwaan ke anek roopon se parichit nahi hai..! VISHWAS, AASTHA, PREM, NISHKAAM KARMA..! Yeh prabhu k bhin bhin roop hai..! Kya kabhi apne in sab ko raaste par ghumte dekha hai..? Kabhi baat ki hai..? Kabhi mile hai..? Phir bhi aap yeh sari cheezen accept karte hai. Puri duniya mein aisa koi insan nhi jo isse juda ho. Jiss tarah aap hawa ko dekh nahi sakta but you can still feel it, the very same way there is THE ALMIGHTY..! Unhe aap har pal apni zindagi mein mehsus kar sakte hai…!

Dudh se makhan mathne par nikalta hai..! The very same way when u centrifugate the soul of a person , You find HIS presence..! Iss tarah se dekhe toh iss duniya mein koi bhi nastik nahi hai, its just that people are not aware of the differnt forms of HIM..!

TT sahab yeh baat sunkar, boht impress huye and he didnt fine me a single penny..! Moreover, He made a ticket for me..! Baaki log bhi vaad vivad ke baad shaant ho gye, aur mera station agya..!

Jab main ghar pohncha toh mere dad aakhri saansein le rhe the….

Main unka haath pakadkar bola,” Pitaji..! Bhagwaan itne dayawaan kyun nahi hai..? Apki bimari thik kyun nahi kar dete..?”

Woh bole,” Pagle..! Unki hi toh daya hai ki marne se pehle tera chehra dekh liya, aur yeh toh mere karmon ka fal hai, ISME BHAGWAN KA KYA DOSH..? And it is just the soul leaving the body..!

Unhone mere sar par haath rakha aur unki aankhen band ho gyi….

Main unhe dekhta reh gya…unka haath mere sar se girne laga…lekin maine usse pakad liya aur apne sir par fir rakh diya…

Yeh sab dekh kar meri MAA shock ho gyi, aur foot foot kar rone lagi..! Phir thodi der baad meri aankhon se aansun girne lage aur unke seene pa sar rakh kar, I hugged him very tightly and I could only echo his last words..!

Anupam Mishra

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: What I Learnt in those 5mins

Kya bataun tumhe mere sapno ka jahan kaisa tha….
Dil main basi khusi aur wo chehre pe muskurahatshayad main us jannat ki dehliz pe rehta tha..

Har din ka ujala jaise ek nayi jindge ka farman hota tha aur uski ek hasi pe ye dil har baar kurban hota tha…
Unki ek jhalak ke liye ye aankhen roz samay se pehle khulti thi…
Tabhi toh shayad ye class main sirf unhe he dundha karti thi…
Unke intejar main ye dil aise dhadhka karta tha…
Jaise har ek lamha ek arsa laga karta tha…
Unka mujhpe gussa karna ek apne pan ka ehsas dilata tha…
Unka pata nhi par mere liye toh sirf ye unke liye mere pyar ko bhadata tha….
Unki aankhon main maine apne liye pyar ko dekha tha..
Sacchayi ke wo askon ko unki baton main rehte dekha tha…
Keh na pate thay jo hum wo bus ek nazar he keh jati thi…
Aage baithe wo yun peeche mud ke dekha karti thi…
Sapno ke us jahan main sirf khushiyon ki mehfil sajti thi…
Kyunki gum ke sagar ko wo apne dil main dabakar rakhti thi…
Unko chodne ke chakkar mein main roz uncle se dant khata tha…
Par phir bhi un uncle pe na jane kyun itna pyar aata tha…
Sapno ke us jahan main shayad poora jee chukka hun main…
Shayad isiliye sapno ke uss jahaan ko sab kuch de chukka hun main…
Apno se jyada main unki khushiyon pe dhyan deta tha…
Ab aur kya bataun mere sapno ka jhan kaisa tha…

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

Naadani ka manjar tha wo ya tha kuch aur ki,
Hosh ki ye duniya begani si lagti hai,
Sab kuch hote huaye bhi khushiyon ki phir kyun kami lagti hai,
Wo ladna wo jhagdna wo roz savere unke ek didar ke liye tadapna,
Kyun main us naadani ke manjar main nhi jee sakta hun,
Kyun main iss hosh ki duniya ko apna nhi keh sakta hun,
Wo ruthna wo manana wo dil ki baat ko dil main he dabana,
Unki khushi main apni khushi ko pana agar yahi naadani ki duniya,
Toh hosh ki iss duniya main pyar he kitna hai….??
Naadani ki us duniya main na koi apna tha na koi paraya,
Jo mila jindagi ne usse he gale milaya,
Jab se hosh sambhala hai es duniya main sirf dukh aur dard he paya hai,
Jo kabhi apne they unhe paraya he paya hai,
Saalon ki dosti ko pal bhar main tutte dekha hai,
Bhaiyon ko aapas main phir kyun ladte dekha hai, 
Kya isi ko kehten hain hosh sambhalana,
Naadani ki seekh ko duayein main udate jana,
Wakt ka manzar bhi kuch iss kadar ghumta hai,
Sapno ke mehal ko choor karta nikalta hai,
Khwabon ki koi pohonch nhi hai iss hosh ki duniya main,
Phir kyun insaan naadani ki us duniya main sapne bunta phirta hai,
Shabdon ke mayno ko hamesha galat he kyun samjhta hai,
Naadani ke us manjar ko hamesha kosna hota hai,
Nahi chahye mujhe teri yeh hosh ki duniya,
Mujhe toh de de bus meri pyari purani duniya,
Naadani ka manjar tha wo ya tha kuch aur…  

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur