Get Your Story Online..! (SUBMIT)

Note: If the form is not taking in submissions at any point of time due to scheduled maintenance, or the form is not visible due to slow internet connection or filters like ‘CYBEROAM’; please send in your entries as .doc files at, with the Subject as ‘SUBMISSION‘…

*Please note that we expect users to submit only original pieces of expressions out of their real lives. Any report to plagiarized content would be removed immediately. © CampusWriting reserves every right to the entries submitted to the system like promoting them and publishing them in mass media under its brand name; credit would be given to the author who submits the work nevertheless.

[Additional Note]

CampusWriting will not provide any compensation/payment to the writers for their submitted works on the platform. By submitting the work, you hereby give all rights to CampusWriting for free use of your submitted work in all and any form of publication for indefinite future.
You also agree to forego your right to all/any legal claims against the company.

  1. Aashi says:

    Its a good platform for the new comers who want to write. Great effort

  2. Dimple Negi says:

    just love reading it… 🙂

  3. It is an amazing platform! 😀

  4. Apurva jaiswal says:


  5. Lovely platform………….

  6. Anindita Dutta says:

    itz a pleasure to write…give words to your thoughts..

  7. Anindita Dutta says:

    nice to write here..

  8. Anindita Dutta says:

    love it..

  9. ZAHID SHOWKAT says:

    itz a pleasure to write…give words to your thoughts..

  10. Anindita Dutta says:

    my pleasure

  11. Shilpa A R says:

    Thank You! Wish to learn from you again..!
    thats nice 🙂

  12. priyambada says:

    platform through which v can xpresss internal feelings…………..<3

  13. meera says:

    its awsm….

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  15. sweta rani says:

    it is just fabulous….

  16. Altamash khan says:

    really it just an amazing ………

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  18. Ranesh Anand says:


  19. Antra Banerjee says:

    A great platform for the expression of your ideas and emotions.

  20. Abhishek Timothy says:

    How do I send a .doc file? Can’t I just email you my story?

  21. Shilpa Garg says:

    Really…’s a very awesome platform for everyone…..

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