Arpita Nandi


Name: Arpita Nandi

Current City: Bangalore

Heading Regions: Bangalore

DOB: 3 January 1991



About Arpita:

I’ve been scribbling away to glory ever since I was a 6th grader. What began as a means of killing time, soon turned into passion, as I slowly began seeing my writing in print in local childrens’ magazines. I finally decided to take up writing seriously while I was pursuing a course in electrical engineering, because conventional studies was doing nothing to satisfy my creative thirst. As I began writing more and more voraciously, I felt a sense of satisfaction. As the Campus Ambassador of CW, I hope to spread the message wherever I go.

Today, I am a professional engineer, but a writer out of my love for writing. I am taking baby steps towards making it big as an authoress. My ultimate dream is to have to my name a couple of excellent books on short-stories 🙂

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