Ayush Shukla


Name: Ayush Shukla

Current City: Ghaziabad

Heading Regions: New Delhi

DOB: 24 December 1992

Email: iayush@campuswriting.co.in


About Ayush:

A Thinker, a Dreamer and a Optimist

  • Pursuing Bachelors in Political Science from Zakir Husain Delhi College; University of Delhi
  • Born in Kanpur, Uttar Padesh. Residing in Delhi-NCR with relatives
  • Not many achievements but often participate in debates, group discussions and dramatics
  • Passionate about music and movies and books
  • Interested in social work and legal field
  • Hobbies includes writing, talking, sleeping, studying, fliritng, making new amigos, facebook-ing and also sometimes tuning some chords on guitars
  • A admirer of Machiavelli’s Realism

P.S. Want to become a successfull money man!

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