Parth Arora


Name: Parth Arora

Current City: Kanpur

Heading Regions: Kanpur & Lucknow

DOB: 2 October 1991



About Parth:


I like to think about myself as an intellectual who has an unusual way of perceiving things. I think a lot, and sometimes my musings are excessively narcissistic. I have a penchant for writing- which I fulfill by passionately writing my own blog. Here’s the link:


Second year Undergraduate pursuing Materials Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur.


1. Was among the top 0.5% of the 5 lakh candidates who appeared for the joint entrance exam for entrance into IIT’s

2. Winner- Antaragni Leadership Initiative, a contest which happened as part of the the campus cultural festival Antaragni (which also happens to be the biggest intercollegiate cultural festival in northern India). The contest aimed at finding the most socially aware and driven youth in campus. Have been offered an internship at a leading social entrepreneurship organization called Center for Civil Society

3. Was the best reporter in the reuters at IITK Model United Nations 2011

4. Was the state winner of Horlicks Wiz team contest in 2009- a nationwide personality contest to find it the most dynamic school student in the nation

5. Got the highest intermediate percentage in 50 year school history. City rank was 5

Position of Responsibilities

1. Part of the table tennis team of IIT Kanpur

2. Junior editor, Vox Populi (the 6,000 readership strong campus newsletter)

3. Coordinator, Table Tennis: Udghosh (Intercollegiate Sports Festival of IIT Kanpur)

4. Marketing Executive at Antaragni (Intercollegiate Cultural festival of IIT Kanpur)

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