Prachi Shah


Name: Prachi Shah

Current City: Bhopal

Heading Regions: Bhopal

DOB: 6 January 1993



About Prachi:

  • I am Prachi Shah, had arts as my subject in 12th and am pursuing law from National Law institute university Bhopal (NLIU)
  • I am a Dreamer, an artist/creator and a Capricorn. Imagination is the the richest possession of a man… I have been writing since 9th standard… with a mind that is always lost deep in thoughts… I discovered writing as a way to make my imagination into a reality. My words helped weave my thoughts into scenarios… but my pen was not always regularly used therefore I developed new ways of expression, Photography is one of them… my pictures have been sources of inspiration for my articles many times. In the start nature was the only light which I followed in my article and pictures.. but as I continued I started connecting emotionally with people and discovered empathy… I discovered how artists have the power to feel the emotions of someone else and portray it in a thousand ways… from that point I explored my horizons
  • Interest in Fashion gave a new direction to my creativity.. it added a touch of boldness to my pictures, my personality and made my hair red. Accessories became my department and new love… I started working with clay and made exotic crazy pieces which surprised people around me
  • I run my own fashion blog named Awaunder it is a word coined by me after ‘A wonder’, in which I share my articles on history, facts, influence of fashion and DIY’s which make women feel like Fashion is part of who they are an armour that they can wear to face the world and not something to be afraid of
  • I have written many fashion articles for different websites
  • I have been a part of the Literary society of my college and contributed a lot to its ‘Sauce’ magazine
  • I am also the founder of ‘Aadrika’ a Media and management cell of my college, in which I head the Print agency

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