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Why does it occur?

What happens when we are attracted to someone?

Often we say that we are attracted to somebody even when we have never interacted with that person. We say there is an attraction or infatuation that exists between us. And the reason you give is that you like some of the qualities or the person’s attitude. If you must have noticed that there is a particular feature of the person that we are attracted to like eyes, smile, face, body language, physique and that is because of  how they express. Such as you may like a person’s eyes because of it tells you about his passion, truthfulness, sincerity or may be fidelity, modesty and much more. May be his smile dazzles you because it soothes you, it makes you happy or it charms you because of the innocence it has. His physique shows he is strong, brave or her’s shows her delicateness, naïvety and that is what attracts you. His body language shows he is confident and respects himself and others, her’s shows her grace and charm.

Simple science behind this is ‘vibes’. The vibes of his ‘charm’ (the character that attracts you) matches with your vibes of search. I would simply explain this as you are searching for your counterpart and there are certain basic traits which you wish for; when you find some of them in somebody you get attracted.

Now why doesn’t he or she get attracted to you? There are also two logical reasons for that: first, maybe the person’s vibes are different for you and second the strength of your vibes is not as strong as his or her’s for somebody else. This major fact leads to love triangles or cycles. I know it is not so easy to grasp the above mentioned ‘vibes’ view. So I quote my example.

I like somebody or maybe let us say, I am crazy about him. And I think that is not bad too. I like his eyes because of the wildness, passion and carefree, fun-loving attitude they display. And I like his smile because of the innocence it has. Now I like him too much and over time my vibes have reached him too, so basically he knows I like him. But he doesn’t like me. Maybe because he likes someone else more strongly than I like him.

I have noticed him too much to confirm this.

He is concerned for me but what I feel for him he may never feel. I still like him and will always do no matter how much ever I bluff myself because the vibes don’t end so easily, until they get diverted.

Now what if you find someone and there is resonance?

The bells ring, violins play and you fly higher and higher. You get attracted to the person and he or she  gets attracted to you. Then the search must come to end and you are confident that the vibes are actually getting communicated and reciprocated in the same way and amount. And you are not just a means to their destiny, but YOU are their destiny. And that is when the cupid strikes, love happens, in the simplest sense. This union of soul-mates that leads to ecstasy and satisfaction.

Vasundha Nahar
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

Wrath Against Karma

Posted: August 7, 2012 by Zoyeb in Writes...
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Let this karma dig up his own grave,
My deeds will not be Destiny’s slave.
This mutiny flows turbulently in my thick blood,
Strong deprivations will not be marred by wet mud.
A gun and a bullet won’t be my last resort,
Through barren broken roads I will trot.

Nails of longing cut me deep,
Drowning inside me,
I’m too traumatized to weep.
A solace is to be found in this succumbing emptiness
Searching within me,
I seek to overcome this hellish madness.

Let this karma rot in hell,
My actions will not be sunk in any shallow well.
This sanity flows vigorously in my veins,
My desires will not be choked by thundering rains.
A pedestal and a noose won’t be my last resort,
Through times thick and thin I’ll crawl.

I’ll crawl through Warfield of nails,
Towards my heart I’ll creep.
This wrath against Karma will now unfold,
When even death fades away,
My soul won’t be left cold.

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur