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Posted: March 23, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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LIFE keeps on….
It is a FLUID
But YOU can sustain….
You are a SOLID

Here is the truth..

When you LEARN,
Think You are a tree..
Each of these boxes are filled with unending energy…

Take that energy out of yourself….

Rajat Ranjan

NIFT Bhubaneswar


Posted: January 16, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Oh well… long time… since I wrote any article. Totally loosing grip over writing and English don’t know why. So to save my soul tried writing this one. It may not be as good as other ones but still thought to give it a shot!! So please do not judge just FEEL!
I often find myself signing my name on scrap book, slams and photograph with these four words ‘KEEP SWEET SPARKLING SMILE’ but never tried writing much on smile so this one for it.
Have you ever wondered friends? Smile is an expression having its own language? Like smile can speak out many different feeling without actually speaking it in words?
Like don’t-just-try-to-impress-me smile, today-was-your-day-I’ll-show-you-later smile, I’m-just-loving-what-you-saying-you-can-go-on-and-on smile, you-know-me smile, you’re-boring-but-I-can-manage smile, oops! Sorry smile, and yeah of course the simple smile of happiness and a long list ahead (as I’ve mentioned this earlier in in my early notes. Amazingly lovely expression is this smile. Highly infectious that if you smile at someone today you surely get one back!
And also I’ve been reading this amazing book on how to make friends and influence people since many days with it having a amazing chapter on smile… and I was shocked reading that some people on earth are paid just for their heart winning and influencing smiles!!!! Ummm but where’s the actual matter I’ve been hunting for??? Smile that can make you fall in LOVE??? Yeah my fav!! Couldn’t find it so thought to make it of my own…
Yeah there is always that one smile you lose your heart on! Smile that make you fall in real love. And being in pune among ‘looks-rich’ people one day I came across such smile. Sitting in electrical lab he smiles at you and say “you missed your class yesterday by mistake” and you just lose your every sense over that one glance of smile and feel like loving it for rest of your life. People say you never know what thing can make you fall in love. But at least in my case I know what made me!!! Somehow that smile became the only sunshine of my life.
Rushing early to college waiting for your day to start. And you wish to catch each glimpse of that person from corner of your eyes. And when he smiles those lovely sparks and beautiful brightness in his eyes just spread a lil more love around. Mili sec of his eye blink with long eye lashes last in your heart for hours… and you imagine it like every time you blink your own. Bright face shining brilliantly with smile and those dimples on cheek somehow lite the fire inside your heart! And you feel craved. Your cravings for all kinds of temptations like burst up!!
Really friends I’ve learnt this “beauty is beautiful until you watch it from safe distance” but once you get friend with beauty you lost your heart on things kinda starts messing up! Yeah it dose… you realize beauty of that pure smile who made you fall in love wasn’t only for you. And what all purity and feelings you watched in those eyes were merely reflection of your own feelings…
And then things change this way… you rush to college with the start of new day and when your crush arrives he smiles at you… oh yeah you are his friend after all and the oh god!! Your heart itch to fall out over his feet… embarrassing feeling… you don’t want still you have to with draw your eyes from his face… all time you spend with him and still feel him going a lil far from your heart each day… really once a person falls in just-friends category you feel embarrassed each time you try to love him… and you feel like not loving him any more… may be not because you don’t want but because deep down you know BEST can never be yours…
And then comes fun time among friends and suddenly he blinks at you while laughing his heart out you feel like flying… and of course later you itch to say, “man don’t do it you killing me.” Such a sweet poison this one side untold hidden love is. People call it crush sometimes but seriously its best part of your life. It fills your heart with warmth and gives it a reason to have one extra beat! His smile in my case! No matter how things will go then and one day for sure some fairy will take away his heart like he took mine and then that smile will belong to that fairy forever… but no matter what I’ll still feel like loving it forever… for it made me FEEL the warmth of love. It explained me the meaning of purity and that how simple and heart winning things nature can create. Every time those eye lashes blinked with his head lil tilt watching me it made me feel like everything is right with my upside down life! It’s really amaz ing how a simple smile can make me loose almost my every sense can capture my each heart beat!!!

Monica Patel

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

The Vendor of sweets….

Posted: January 1, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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R.K Narayan’s The Vendor of Sweets (1967) like his other books is composed in simple, lucid English that can be read and understood without turning and returning the pages after a single read. The compositional language is no doubt, plain– to such an extent that even a young school child’s vocabulary will be able to comprehend the sense of the tale. Nevertheless, the message that is being sent to the readers is delivered in the best possible manner.

The main characters are Jagan and his son Mali. It revolves around the issues arising from the generation gap between father and son. Narayan in his superb style narrates the principled life-story of Jagan.

Jagan, an orthodox Hindu Brahmin and owner of a sweet shop, is a simple and hard-working man. He is a follower of Gandhian principles and is proud of his role in India’s freedom struggle during his youth. Gita forms the staple of his life. He tries to act on the principles described in the great epic. Naturopathy forms the pivotal of his life and he even desires to publish his natural way of living in the form of a book, but obviously it is a futile dream as the draft has been gathering dust in the publisher’s office for the last five years. He wears hand spun cloth that signifies purity to him. In his early days Jagan loses his wife Ambika because of his belief in nature cures. He had never spent much time with his wife, something that causes discontent in his son Mali. Mali has got his passport and tickets ready without even informing Jagan about his plans.Mali, without his father’s permission discontinues his education, and goes to America to get training t o write a book. But, the old man accepts even this diversion with good heart and treasures every letter received from Mali and proudly exhibits it to anyone who cares to listen. A few years later, he comes back very Westernized and brings along a half-American, half-Korean girl, Grace. Jagan assumes that they are married, though Mali never told him this in a straightforward way, which causes great disappointment to Jagan. Jagan however develops an affection for Grace and feels Mali is not giving her the attention she deserves.

Soon Mali expresses a desire to start a machine factory with some partners from America. He asks his father to invest in this factory. Jagan is unwilling, which causes friction between Jagan and Mali. Troubled by the turmoil, Jagan decides to retire from active working. As this is happening, Mali is caught by the police for drunkenness and deserts his wife. Jagan then asks his nephew to make sure that Mali stays in prison for some time, so that he can learn his mistakes. Jagan also gives some amount of money to the cousin so that he can buy a plane ticket to Grace so she can go back to her hometown.

The conflict between the old and young generation, their ideals and the generation gap makes ‘Vendor of Sweets’ a memorable story. This novel was made as a TV serial in Hindi and subsequently dubbed into Telugu.

“A Thought”

Posted: November 8, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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What would someone be thinking just sitting by, when its hard to kill time.. an ode to return back somewhere or a thought of what lies ahead, just the nag to get to the future before today, see what it holds… because you dont want to be scared any more, dont want to lose any more.. fear is all that takes us aback..fear is what that takes us ahead, ahead of where we think we can never have the audacity to go. but you have to stand , whatever it takes you cant head back. it will hit you hard.. but these times when you have nothing to do, makes your mind wander about what you should actually do, makes you search for the purpose. purpose why you exist. why you met someone. why you lost smthing you wanted so bad, why did u have to shatter down ,, when u think you did not deserve.. but the answer awaits.. somethng that could be hurtful , can take us to light. light of our own. We keep looking for it. until we have means to exist…

Kirti Shah

National Institute of Fashion Technology

Main daudta hua Kolapur station par pohncha, wahaan meri train ” Kolapur Express” Lucknow jaane ke liye khadi thi. Tabhi TT ne green flag dikha diya and main bhagta hua train me chad gya jabki mere pass koi ticket bhi nahi tha, aur chada bhi toh kahan A.C coach me…!!

India me sab kuch JUGAAD, PEHCHAAN and CORRUPTION ke dam par ho hi jata hai, yeh baat main boht ache se jaanta tha, isiliye itna nishchit tha. Main khud corruption ko badhava nahi deta but uss din mera Lucknow jana boht hi zaruri tha. Mere dad ki tabiyat kaafi naazuk thi and maa bhi ghar par akeli thi isiliye maine ” PITRI DEVO BHAVA” ko mahatva diya aur seat no. 5 par let gya. Kuch der baad mere saamne ek mahashay apne doston ki toli ke saath akar baith gye. Sundar si dress aur nawabi andaaz dekh kar main samajh gya ki bhaiyaji Lucknowi hai. Thodi der baad unhone apna khane ka basta khola aur sabhi doston mein baatne lage. Samose , Kachori aur Mithayon ki bharmaar thi. Khane-pine ke kaafi shaukeen lag rhe the. Aakhir me mujhse bhi puch liya, ” Arre Bhaiya..! Bimar ho ka..? Lete kahe ho..? Baith jao tanik batiyaao humse, Lo samosa khao..! ” Unke chehre ki muskaan dekhkar main mana nahi kar paya. Kya pata woh mere dad ki bimari ke baare me jaan gye the..? Unhone fir pucha ,” Itni chinta mein kahe ho…? ” Maine unhe apne dad ki haalat ke baare me bataya but woh santusht nahi hokar puche, ” Puri bimari ke baare me batao..? “

Mere saamne dad ka chehra agya and aankhon se aansu chalak pade, yeh dekhte hi unhone mere kandhe par haath rakh diya, maine bola, ” Unhe BLOOD CANCER hai..!” and I started crying like a five year old. Pura mahaul tense ho gya, Unhone kaha ,” Chinta mat karo..Bhagwaan sab thik kar denge..!” And then he hugged me very tightly. Unke ek dost , who considered himself very smart, immediately bole ,” Bhagwaan bharose kuch nhi hoga , Inhe ek ache doctor ki zarurat hai..! Bhagwaan par toh mera vishwas hi nahi rha. Agar woh hote toh apke Pitaji ko CANCER thodi hota..! Kya unme itni bhi daya nahi.”  Bhagwaan me logon ki naastikta dekh mujhe boht dukh hua, Tab tak main dad ke gham se bhi bahar agya tha aur unki baaton ko dhyaan se sunne laga. Woh sab aapas me bol rhe the, ” Jo dikhai nahi deta, Jo kabhi nahi milta, Jisse baat nahi kar sakte , Usko kaise accept karle..? Kaise maan le ki woh hai..? “

Main unki baatein ek dam patiently sunta rha, Jab sab chup ho gye, toh maine kaha,”Mahashay..! Kya aapki shaadi ho gayi hai..? ” He said, ” Haan..! Aur do bachche bhi hai..! ” Itne mein TT sahab agye aur humari baaton ko dhyaan se sunne lage, Main bhi itna busy ho gya tha ki bhul hi gya ki TT sahab wahan par the. Maine bola,” Kya aap apni wife and bachchon se niswarth prem karte hai..? “

” Haan karta hun..! Boht pyaar karta hun..!” Phir main bola, ” Yahi toh ishwar ka roop hai..! Woh ek meim anek hai, anek mein ek hai..! Aap bhi naastik nahi hai, bas aap shyad bhagwaan ke anek roopon se parichit nahi hai..! VISHWAS, AASTHA, PREM, NISHKAAM KARMA..! Yeh prabhu k bhin bhin roop hai..! Kya kabhi apne in sab ko raaste par ghumte dekha hai..? Kabhi baat ki hai..? Kabhi mile hai..? Phir bhi aap yeh sari cheezen accept karte hai. Puri duniya mein aisa koi insan nhi jo isse juda ho. Jiss tarah aap hawa ko dekh nahi sakta but you can still feel it, the very same way there is THE ALMIGHTY..! Unhe aap har pal apni zindagi mein mehsus kar sakte hai…!

Dudh se makhan mathne par nikalta hai..! The very same way when u centrifugate the soul of a person , You find HIS presence..! Iss tarah se dekhe toh iss duniya mein koi bhi nastik nahi hai, its just that people are not aware of the differnt forms of HIM..!

TT sahab yeh baat sunkar, boht impress huye and he didnt fine me a single penny..! Moreover, He made a ticket for me..! Baaki log bhi vaad vivad ke baad shaant ho gye, aur mera station agya..!

Jab main ghar pohncha toh mere dad aakhri saansein le rhe the….

Main unka haath pakadkar bola,” Pitaji..! Bhagwaan itne dayawaan kyun nahi hai..? Apki bimari thik kyun nahi kar dete..?”

Woh bole,” Pagle..! Unki hi toh daya hai ki marne se pehle tera chehra dekh liya, aur yeh toh mere karmon ka fal hai, ISME BHAGWAN KA KYA DOSH..? And it is just the soul leaving the body..!

Unhone mere sar par haath rakha aur unki aankhen band ho gyi….

Main unhe dekhta reh gya…unka haath mere sar se girne laga…lekin maine usse pakad liya aur apne sir par fir rakh diya…

Yeh sab dekh kar meri MAA shock ho gyi, aur foot foot kar rone lagi..! Phir thodi der baad meri aankhon se aansun girne lage aur unke seene pa sar rakh kar, I hugged him very tightly and I could only echo his last words..!

Anupam Mishra

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: What I Learnt in those 5mins

Kya bataun tumhe mere sapno ka jahan kaisa tha….
Dil main basi khusi aur wo chehre pe muskurahatshayad main us jannat ki dehliz pe rehta tha..

Har din ka ujala jaise ek nayi jindge ka farman hota tha aur uski ek hasi pe ye dil har baar kurban hota tha…
Unki ek jhalak ke liye ye aankhen roz samay se pehle khulti thi…
Tabhi toh shayad ye class main sirf unhe he dundha karti thi…
Unke intejar main ye dil aise dhadhka karta tha…
Jaise har ek lamha ek arsa laga karta tha…
Unka mujhpe gussa karna ek apne pan ka ehsas dilata tha…
Unka pata nhi par mere liye toh sirf ye unke liye mere pyar ko bhadata tha….
Unki aankhon main maine apne liye pyar ko dekha tha..
Sacchayi ke wo askon ko unki baton main rehte dekha tha…
Keh na pate thay jo hum wo bus ek nazar he keh jati thi…
Aage baithe wo yun peeche mud ke dekha karti thi…
Sapno ke us jahan main sirf khushiyon ki mehfil sajti thi…
Kyunki gum ke sagar ko wo apne dil main dabakar rakhti thi…
Unko chodne ke chakkar mein main roz uncle se dant khata tha…
Par phir bhi un uncle pe na jane kyun itna pyar aata tha…
Sapno ke us jahan main shayad poora jee chukka hun main…
Shayad isiliye sapno ke uss jahaan ko sab kuch de chukka hun main…
Apno se jyada main unki khushiyon pe dhyan deta tha…
Ab aur kya bataun mere sapno ka jhan kaisa tha…

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

Living on the edge

Posted: September 13, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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We all have our stories; some of us just have way more interesting stories then others. The thing with stories is that they all have an ending. I mean whether the story is good or bad, long or short, usual or unusual there has to be an ending .The story of life has the same ending for all of us. We all die. Life might be fair to some and unfair to others but death treats everyone in the same way. Whether we are treated differently after death, well I surely don’t know the answer to that. Anyways the thing is there are two things that make one remember a story – The uniqueness of the story itself and the uniqueness of its ending. At least one of them should leave an impression on you.

Living on the edge means different things to different people. To some it is about all the nerve-racking sports like mountaineering, deep sea diving, hunting etc. It might be gambling, drugs etc for others. For some it might be leaving what they are doing for what they love doing. Dropping out of college before your graduation because you no longer have faith in it and you actually want to do something more meaningful with your life can be considered “living on the edge” for about three-fourth of our nation. So I guess living on the edge is not everyone’s thing otherwise 90% of my batch mates would have dropped out of college by now. This comes as little surprise because most of us never want to leave our comfort zone. People tend to choose security over the unseen. Whether they are content with it or not that’s a different matter. All I know is that there are only a few people who are actually happy with their lives.

A few years back a man climbed Mt. Everest without oxygen or any other special aid. When he came down people asked him why he went up there to die, he replied “I went up there to live”. For the observers it seems crazy to put your whole life at risk just for getting your heart pumped up and get adrenaline rushing through your body but for the ones who do it, it is the only way to feel alive. Well we all aren’t the daredevil kind of people but living on the edge just isn’t about that. It is about having the guts and passion to live the life of your dreams and not settling for anything less than that. It might seem totally stupid and crazy at times but sometimes you just know that it is the right thing to do. Of course we don’t always have a choice. Sometimes you need to choose your responsibilities over your passion but if one is passionate enough he/she always find a way to keep the passion alive. When you actually do have a choice, make the most of it. You don’t need to jump off a cliff but just take a leap of faith.

Our life is the story we create for ourselves. Since we already know the ending we better make the story worthwhile, after all it is us who have to live the story we create. Many people live their life as if they have another one waiting for them. Some people do the all things one should do to have a secured life. These are obviously the safe choices but are they the right ones too? For a few the answer maybe yes but for the rest of us I say even if you don’t want to gamble it all at once at least play the small stakes once in a while, for living a few moments is better than surviving a millennium. Hope u make your story a memorable one.

Basanti Nashine

BITS Pilani, Goa Campus




The bond of trust weakens

with every breath I take

the wait is too long

the want is too much.


To have taken that leap again

only to scratch the other side

falling again in the dark pit

misery in pursuit once more.


I cling on to every step

the ladder of hope falls away

her face growing distant each second

the darkness growing once again.


Is it bad luck or just me

am I even destined to be happy

if not then let me know

what destiny has in store for me.


Am I to be satiated once more

not by love, only lust

end the pretence just now

let there be no more lies.


I wish to fall if I’m meant to

freely, without the fear of hurt

to be free from the realm of love

to be only in the arms of lust…

Kinshuk  Kashyup
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

A Promise

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Even though my heart keeps telling me the truth,
I feel as if you will never come back in my life.
My thoughts cannot even register that fact right now.
My mind cannot erase your appearance completely.
Even if someone is approaching me,
I see you in front of me.
My body cannot escape from the loneliness you left behind. 
Even if I am surrounded by a crowd,
I feel as if I am the last person in the world.
My eyes cannot stop dwelling in that beautiful dream.
Even though you are too good to be true,
I feel as if you were just a hallucination.
My heart cannot forget the few happy moments we had together.
Even though your love is only a part of my life,
I feel as if your absence makes me empty.
Even though my heart keeps telling me the truth,
I feel as if you will never come back in my life.
My thoughts cannot even register that fact right now.
Even though my thoughts are racing in my head,
I feel as if I cannot go through one more vacant night.
My smile cannot appear on my face ever again.
Even though we met in a midst of laughter,
I feel as if the departure of my soul has occurred.
My future cannot be what I dreamt it would be now.
Even though our love has lasted days,
I feel as if I had a sea of happiness with you.
My life cannot be the same without you. 
Even though there is a long distance between us,
I feel as if you are always by my side.
My love for you cannot fade away, I promise. 
Even though my heart keeps telling me the truth,
I feel as if you will never come back in my life.
My thoughts cannot even register that fact right now.

Lekhya Bellamkonda

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham




Shattered Dreams

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Eyes filled with tears, heart drenched with fear.

Difficulties will come your way but you just shoo ‘em away.

Opportunities are plenty but right now my pocket is empty.

Eyes filled with tears, heart drenched with fear.

Fulfill the dreams today, find your own way.

Follow your heart today, be happy with your own way.

Don’t be so jealous of others, be a star on your own terms.

My day will also come soon and everybody will listen to my tune!

Preeti Manchanda