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As the golden day passes by…
My urge to see you makes me cry…
Cruel sun… shines harsh on me
And evenings are on what not to be
Midst of all what makes me see
Your buttery eyes the joy for me
From morning seven to evening nine
More tears roll down but I am fine
Why is it so difficult for you to feel?
What’s inside me and urges u to appeal
They make me crazy I try not to see
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
I know it well I’m not the one for you
That day will come which ends blue
Am I deaf or blind to see?
What’s shouting within n wants to get free
Or is it you who’s binding me…
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
The questions are more and answers few
That black in me grew and grew
All those ugly shades of colour
My spirits getting as more duller
What only puts me on and on
Is the melody of your hearts chiffon
My only thing and hope of glee
Your buttery eyes… The joy for me

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

Contest :  It will heal with time ;Maybe|

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

I’m in one of those moods where you want to scream “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!” on top of your lungs in the middle of… wherever you are, and obviously you can’t because you are oh-so-sophisticated to do that. Sophistication, my foot. It’s like one of those moments when you don’t care if the glass of water is half empty or half full; you just want to drink it and get it over with. Or rather pour the freaking water over your head in the hope that it would wash away all the goofed up thoughts in your head.

So let me seize the opportunity- and I know this phrase is overtly clichéd- to tell you, my dear friends and strangers, what to do when you’re sad. What do I think I am to think I can tell you what to do, you ask? Well, I’m Mansi and you can read the first line of the piece again to know how much I care to answer your questions.

Half-filled glassSo let us start with the basics. First, we’ll go on to describe our situation. By ‘our’ I mean all the people who are very sad or angry or frustrated or whatever-freaking-feeling you’re experiencing. Or for people who, like me, have no idea of what’s happening in their lives and are always on the go without knowing where they’re heading to. Second, we will see what possible options there are for us to change our situation. And finally we’ll conclude. Of course I’m not telling you the conclusion right away.

Current situation: You’re very, very depressed. And frustrated. And you can do nothing about it. You’re in a dilemma. You can’t be negative about your situation because in a saintly moment, you promised yourself you never would even if it’s the only thing to do. You can’t be positive because, breaking news! You’re human. And bad things happen. (Here, considering your situation, you obviously ignore the fact that bad things happen to everyone. You’re just so full of yourself, mate.) You know you’re probably just exaggerating your situation, it’s not as bad as it sounds but hey, who needs logic when you’re feeling sorry for yourself? Yes, you guessed it right. You are the world’s most pathetic little creature whose good luck finds its root and shoot in the depths of terrible, terrible luck. Did I mention exaggeration?

You’re an innocent little angel who has the whole universe against her/him. It’s like every single living being is thinking of ways to torture you and tear you to pieces. (Remember the “full of yourself” part throughout.) They probably don’t know if you exist or not, but no logic when you’re sad, absolutely none. On second thoughts, see…you don’t even have an existence in their life. You poor, poor baby.

You’re in your room feeling sorry for yourself and your sibling barges in asking for a favor. You don’t usually deny it but because you’re so sad you refuse to do it. And you get to hear that you’re the worst sister/brother in the whole entire world. That may be just a frustrated sentence of an obviously pissed sibling, but you take it to heart and include your family in that list of people who are meant to torture you.

You have best friends who mean the world to you. You meet them, talk a lot, have fun and feel like all is right in the world. You pour your heart out to them, they listen, pull your leg, laugh with you and you feel so good. Then everyone gets a little busy, because you got college and millions of other assignments that need your time. But you’re content because you know you have friends. Friends who listen to you and make you feel good about yourself. Then someone, or Facebook, tells you a news about them that you expected to hear from themselves. You doubt your friends for a minute before the reason gets better of you and you decide that it’s okay, they’ll tell me when they feel comfortable. But they don’t. And you feel like such a “full of yourself” fool to go on and on with them about your feelings without letting them talk about theirs. So you stay quiet. And so do they. And silence isn’t always good for relationships. You get yourself more work to stay busier. Because you don’t want to think that you had friends. Friends who do not talk to you about themselves and make you feel bad about yourself. (For all my best friends who wanted me to write about them, you got it.)

You feel lost and sad and dejected. And just when you’re about to give up, people come in your life and make you feel that you mean the world to them. It takes a little time but they’re so good that you finally realize that you’ve a reason to live and someone is out there watching for you and there for you, come what may. And as quickly and unexpectedly as they come, they leave. And you are expected to understand.  But don’t feel bad, they care for you. They are practically saints. And did I mention that they are doing it for your own good; because you’re so good and you deserve so much better? Yeah, right. You cry and mope and whine. You roll over the floor banging your fists and kicking your legs and doing everything to cover the hurt inside. You’re sad. Then you’re angry. Then you’re very angry. Then you don’t care. After some time and few self help books, you take it as a learning experience; see glass half full blah, blah, blah. And finally you’re here reading this piece because you still have no idea what you’re doing with your life.

One moment, you’re doing just fine with your forcefully-moved-on life, at least that’s what your pictures say, and the next you’re hit by the realization that you’re the worst human being alive. You try to convince yourself that you’re not. So what if your family thinks every child save theirs is doing better? So what if your friends think you are not worth their time? So what if your love life is practically non existent? So what if you ask God for a break and you get a broken limb? You still have people who would understand and care to know what’s happening without making you feel bad about yourself. Who would listen without judging. Who would tell you that everything will be fine because they’re with you. Convinced, you open you phone book and scroll through the names, stopping every now and then thinking who to text or call.

Stop 1: No, you don’t need the ‘I told you so” lecture.

Stop 2: No, you don’t want to hear them say ‘It’s life. That’s what happens. You have to move on.’ You’re fucking moving on already.

Stop 3: Uh, they won’t even care what you’ve to say.

Stop 4: Can you really text them without facing the awkward silence that will happen when you realize that you’re nothing for them now?

And there you reach the end of your list gawking at the fact that there’s no ‘one in a million’ for you anymore. Oh, the tears.

See? You’re alone. You run away from everything but where ever you go, there you are. Every time you smile, you smile a little extra thinking of the joy it would have brought to people you love. Every time you cry, you drop a few extra tears thinking of their absence. You live a double life; a life that you have and a life that you would have had. What a lovely sight! Had they seen it, they’d have liked it too. What a fun the ride was! Had they been here, they’d have enjoyed it so much. I shouldn’t do this. If they’d have seen me doing this, they’d have killed me. I look so funny! If they could see me right now, they would have laughed their heads off. If.

So, what possible options do you have? As you can see, there’re none. You’re damned, sweetheart. Trapped. You poor little thing. And this brings me to my concluding points. Yes, it’s abrupt, but aren’t you tired of reading?
You’re alone but it’s not your fault of course. People leave you for your own good.
(They are saints, remember?)
Bad things happen so you could appreciate good things.
(Good things Will happen, trust me. You’ll need this line all through your life though.)
Old leaves and flowers wither away so new ones could take their place.
(Don’t consider the fact that flowers and humans have essentially nothing in common.)
Everything happens for a reason. (Believe me, the reason is NOT to piss you off. Really.)
You’re a frustrated little angel who is forever wronged by the big, bad world and its people.
(Ignore you ever did anything bad yourself.)
The glass is half full, not half empty.
(… Don’t even ask…)
Mansi Sharma

Messy Mess

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Once an angel granted me a wish.
I was offed a
A kingdom of wisdom and A palace of gold
And all the fancies my mind can hold?”

With empty stomach and
blowing nose.
just begged for a simple desire.
The angel, anxiously staring at me, ask it’s reason politely.
Taking off my shirt, I stood over a table and screamed…

Hell yeah! I have to deal with the worst food combination…
A combination, more painful to stand than any beiber song.
Idli with daal, egg without salt, rice and salty water(they call it sambar) and so..on!
I may seem to act terrible, mean and vicious…

But cakes without icing breaks my heart.
Ice cold samosa, and hot juices catalyze my anger.
Burger with a microscopic level potato inside makes me cry and scream.
It feels like the butter chicken and biryani are just in my dream..

The worlds knows that a love break up hurts..
But the pain of reaching the mess at 2:31 PM, a minute after it officially closes is unbearable, intolerable and unspeakable.…
I am happy to die a virgin, happy to live without a chick but I can’t stand a glass of milk without sugar…
Oh sorry! Sugar is available but with flies sitting over it :/

I aspire and i die for the yummy flesh over the chicken, Never ceasing to amuse.
I love it’s funny wrinkles
And the crunch way it chews.
But Until then:

Morning : Maggie, 
afternoon: Maggie,
Evening: Maggie,
Night: Maggie 
Dreams: Maggie 
Next morning: Maggie
Next afternoon: Maggie
Maggie forever.

Nikhil Chandwani
VIT University, Vellore

“Hey get out!!” I literary begged ….”I got the passes”. She peeked out, shampoo dripping of her face. And I brandished two passes in my hands. She almost hugged killed me. Five minutes later all dressed up we were haggling with an ‘autowalla’. Going to north campus meant late nights and since it was that day of the year. We were sure to get late and get into trouble with the warden. But who cared…

College fests were one most awaited thing in the university. A well deserved break after assignments submissions, tests, projects and sprinting after the deadlines. When the crowd go crazy and a good performer makes them go crazier…
CROSSROADS: if you’ve spent three years of your life in Delhi university or are acquainted with any of them then this very word will bring back to you all the … waiting in queues…Buttering the SRCC friends…. ARRANGE the passes…getting crushed in the crowd…singing you heart out… days.

55 minutes later we were standing in front of the main gate of Shri Ram College of Commerce and this huge poster of ‘Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’ furled outside. And so did almost a thousand people waiting.
“Kill me” I groaned
“Let’s try the hostel gate” but another hundred already had this idea. I clearly remember we cried ourselves hoarse shouting “SHERA!! SHERA!! Bhai let us in… see we have the passes” The hostel guard… we faced his atrocities… as he charged against us and pulled a few of the walls…But there is no way you can stop a college crowd especially if they’ve come for the STAR NIGHT…
Few more minutes and we…as in the crowd brought down the hostel gate. As we ran toward the college ground, the guards and policemen came running after us. And after those crucial 5 minutes we realised that we were blessed to have escaped without any bloody souvenirs of the evening.

That evening I stood in the first row… in front of the bike displayed to the extreme right of the stage in case any of you remember… and for three hours we were mesmerized by the trio. We danced along… hummed along and when loy played the song ‘kal ho na ho’ on his keyboard we just closed our eyes and then it dawned on me that after a year I will be gone but this very moment will come back to me. The high point of my sanguine youth I don’t know why but this very thought made me and countless other cheerfully sad…
That night when I came back we were ready to be shouted at by the warden but she just asked “where”… “Crossroads” we stuttered and I saw a faint smile cross her face… as she herself was a Delhi university graduate… and she dismissed us 
Few months later I met the Vice president of SRCC through a friend and the first thing I said was last year’s Crossroads was the best I ever attended and the glint that I saw in his eyes told the story of the hard work that went into it…
With few months to go for my farewell it just dawns on me that the last three years were actually the best days of my life. Nothing compared to 17 years prior to them. I have grown in these three years and the zest and zeal of those FEST days are my most treasured memories that I stole with my friends from the otherwise disciplined Delhi university days…

Dimple Negi

Delhi University

Letter from my Heart…

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Dear Bala…

I don’t really remember when I first met u… But i think that program of stalin’s depty CM sworing near Mahindra city.. and that Netherlands program was the first intro with u… then came programs like Vadapalani Campus Inauguration… were the initial days we worked together. We started working in events… Your home near main campus… And you having some friends in main was a big advantage…

We intially worked in many events… like AARRUSH , MILAN etc… we going to main campus… and so many other things if you remember… STRINGZ 10′ was something which we started with… we got very as convener and u as co-co… That’s how people called you… I always took u for granted..i knew u wil allways support me… those Meetings at A.V Hall..nomination of captains and vice captains… making the house list… rules and regulations…event names, etc. was all fun… those were times i will never forget… good old days dude…

To tell u something; in all committees… there is always a big dispute among the top posts in committee… but in our case we never fought or quarelled… I knew that most of the times it was you , who gave up… every time it was u who supported me in all decisions…. understanding all the politics and limitations available to us in all regards… You never had ego problem… almost all my friends were your friends… we had so many people in common…

I really dont know how to thank you for all that you have done for me; countless help… priceless help..!

Me, you, Aki, Deeps, Vaibhav and so many more going to Mahabalipuram was something I will never forget. Then came me, you, Deeps, Monisha and Ashwin’s trip to ECR..that road out… and that lost key… panic.. tension… great day… that’s something which taught us a moral that wherever we go, key must be safe..! That was one cool great day…

Those night out once in my bike… HOTEL CHECKERS… the ASCENDAS… and finally dinner at late night at one of the grandest hotel in Ramapuram… the road side one…

Hmm… Whenever you come in my mind… I remember the shirt you wear… Keep that as a trend dude… something unique and creative… the jimky… jigu jicka shirt… I do appreciate the things u do… The way u have been creative… The way u entertain people; you are always different from all others… And that’s wat really makes people like you… your mokkais… your support in small events to from our department programs to small small other department functions remains priceless…

Whenever I was offered to organize any program, one person I took for granted was you… Fooling to get a camera for u; from Ashok Pillar to Viveks via Saravana stores are things i shall never forget… I wouldn’t have got this good name in college without ur support da… You seriously have done so much for me… that too without expecting anything in return… You remember when SPORTS MEET 2010; RESPLENDENCE work started, I was very very upset with u… You didn’t support at all… u were busy with IV works only… that time I was really worried how I will do the sports meet 2010…

Finally as the events started… You came in… and relived me… You only took care of all events on the spot; while i took care of arrangements. You were the one who took care of ground works… Our whole IT department and the batch life was only cause of u; the I.V wouldn’t have been without u… I know how much pain u took in organizing them…and how much sacrifices u did for that…

U really had great determination… and the way you managed all of them… hats off to u boss..! Really great job; the whole IV… I really use to wonder how u mst be feeling… I know well that at the course of time … U were upset also, but the very next day you would get up in the morning and start back to your routine work…

Great Machan… Really Great..!

Without your support no event could have been what it was… MILAN 11′; the last event we were all together… the night return, the late night arrivals; so much fun we had… that was the only event which we did less work and enjoyed more i guess… And the rest events; we never enjoyed. We worked and working was a kind of enjoyment…

One coolest and among the best moment was the long walk after getting dropped from Anuradha madam’s car at the toll gate at porur and a walk all the way from porur toll gate to Ramapuram… a long distance though looked small cause we kept talking and talking; guess we discussed the best moments… we ever shared..!

I am very sorry if I have had ever been rude to u… I know at the course of conduct of events I have not obeyed u or had not agreed to ur words… Hope u forgive me for all those… something great in u was, even if i had been rude to u, u did not take it in bad sense… had it been someone else, it would have been a big fight and must have made a scene… please da do forgive me… You’ve advised me so much in tough situations… so much… Some of which even u dont know…

If a all i got that student appreciation award and all those laurels and good name and respect in college, it’s cause of u… in other words u have a very major share in that… You were never jealous and even if u had been u never showed (lolz… jst for fun) that was the greatest part of u… I really wanted u to come for that Yelagiri trip… Hmm… You never turned up for that and I really missed u then a lot, cause’ u were the one who really was eligible from Ramapuram campus to attend that thanks giving treat come discussion trip to Yelagiri…

Meeting u at SRM hospital during my WIPRO training too was another great fun… If at all I have done anything which u have not liked… Please forgive me da… It may be in any regard, any matter, anytime or any event… sorry ;-(

That day when I came to drop u at the Kodambakkam station near that hotel; Ashwin’s sister’s birthday I was totally speechless and almost in tears, cause’ the next day i had to leave for Assam though i will come back to chennai and meet u… It will be like leaving u guys for a while and then meeting u…

lets try our best to stay together da… Wherever we go… Whatsoever the case may be…..

And I will really miss u a lot da… When i see any photo of college life; for most of the have been of events, you come in my mind as u have surely been a part of that event… small event as volunteers or big events as Co-Co…

Love u loads,


Kumaraguru Loganathan


Something From A Humble Beginning…

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Dream Big… Do Something Different… That’s what Kairos Society believes in…

Ankur Thakuria

National Institute of Fashion Technology