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Unforgettable Destiny

Posted: December 30, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Why should I chat with you, becoz there is no reason to ask for a date with you.
I have tried to talk with you but you finds difficult to walk with me.
I just look for a smile then you have no time to tie a friendship tie with me.
I know you are beautiful it not made be scared.
I forgot to see anyone you forget to see even me.
Though it seems hard to believe but it’s a fact I can’t lie.

Amity University Rajasthan



Posted: December 21, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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My Beloved, My Parents……
You are everything for me…
You gave me life,
Full of livelihood, less of dullness,
Full of enjoyment, less of sufferings,
Full of happiness, less of sorrows..
Who taught me to be a good person..
Life is my own but created by you,
Every achievement in my life is dedicated to you..
For me you created heaven on this Earth,
There is no gift in return for all those you gave me,
Your love for me will last forever and ever..
This is just a small tribute from me to you,
To enrich you with smile, smile and smile…

Aditi Shukla

KIIT University

Being Quintessential

Posted: December 8, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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As I was reading newspaper yesterday I found a word ‘Quintessential’.This word strike me an i thought of an article on it. Life is an exam where syllabus is unknown and there are no model answers which can solve a particular question. Many a times we search around for answer to certain questions .We try to search our answers by watching the life of quintessential people. But we do not get expected answer.We always try to follow the ideologies of quintessential people but we end up doing some mistakes.We become very sad and corner ourselves from the people who care for us genuinely.As in case of mine I always had expected to do my best be it in academics or any other work but i always end up by doing some mistakes.I mean its good to be quintessential.
But one thing is beyond my vision that why people who think that they are ‘Quintessential’ but actually not expect the people around them to be quintessential. I don’t know what these people search for. And one thing these so called quintessential people think that they are people from high class society and willingly they avoid the truth and expect others to follow their ideology.They expect them to follow certain code of conduct.But one thing is beyond my vision that they know that everyone cant be like them. I mean c’mon god has molded everyone with certain good qualities and and certain bad one.But that doesn’t mean everyone is bad. But these so called quintessential people build around  themselves a wall which is unbreakable.But this wall has an exception too,but not for everyone.It’s only for those who fit into there category.And if you do not fit into this category then you became a laughing stock for them.

So the people who always believe to be friend with everyone becomes an easy target of these so called quintessential people. I don’t mean I have any grudge against them.But this is my point of view.As India is a democratic country and every citizen of India has right to express,so I had presented it front of you.At last I want to conclude that  don’t be quintessential at every situation,sometimes its better to do mistakes,as we get a another chance to present ourselves in a better way,so people around understand us better and be able to detect hidden qualities inside us.

P.S: The day u find someone who can see the hidden you,don’t miss the opportunity to lose that person. That person is the best life partner for you..

Sayani Mahapatra

Sir Padampat Singhania University


Posted: October 29, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Things are getting murkier day by day.
Castigations and convictions have entrenched.
Unnecessarily lashes crippled the situation.
Narcissism further debilitated the already worsen situation.
The platitudes have truncated to the core.
Tapping in and showing strength in the eye of storm
will do no good either.
Words uttered ripped up the the last hopes of salvaging the bond.
Ample times basking in came to mind.
From where to initiate and for whom when there is no epiphany ?
Not even the good memories could remove the throes of present.
Agreed that it does take two to tango ,
But the already raging fire was fuelled.
Somebody sowed the seeds of hatred ,
That ultimately culminated into SECLUSION……
Seclusion not physical , but the one that shreds one’s soul.
Well played , well played

Nabila Khan

People’s Dental Academy

That Day I saw You

Posted: October 9, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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“Yeah, U almost got it right !” – I love this expression on ur face. The last time I saw you , u were pinky with nicely mended hair (dumbstruck!) ready for NSO. I missed your look standing in front for I can’t look back every now and then. That very day (last saturday, 21 Sept 2013) u were looking great. I tried to tell u there only. But as u know , Couldn’t. 

No, no , no ! I don’t mean looking at u has something to do with groping or stalking. 

I just wished to have a look at the most organised looking person , 5.30 in morning , wishing /hoping I might too become one some day. The sun just rose up the dawn and when these light rays fell on ur hair, Its was like — Glowy. I thought (no offenses for this please) “Look at her ! Even the mighty sun is fan of her now!” The whole scene put up together could easily beat Mona Lisa. When the missing one thing – Smile ! – came into the picture , …… (I have no word to explain it) …. But seeing you that very moment was the beginning of a very good day. Never seen you better than that.

You deserved it ! (and so did I ? :P) That countenance was un-imaginable. Thank you.

Abhishek Tripathi

IIT Kharagpur

Silent Dream

Posted: September 25, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Standing in front of a mirror,
With a question in my eyes,
What am i doing with my life?
Living or killing it with all the lies.

Broken, shattered and unfulfild,
Eyes reflectd a distant dream,
Closed my eyes to escape reality,
What escaped was only a silient scream.

Walking down the old memory lane,
Staring at dark sky and full moon,
Ages ago, the path i had to choose,
Was that some disguised boon!

Seeing birds soaring so high,
I wish i too had wings to fly,
With the seven colors of rainbow,
Let me please paint the sky!

Nibha Gupta

National Institute of Technology, Bhopal

Life of a single college girl…

Posted: September 19, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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As you enter the college gate making your way through the crowd there will be n number of people scanning you from top to bottom. The news is spread like fire and it travels back to you “Oh! So you are single”. Gradually people engage in a deeper conversation trying to dig your past and calling them your best friends.

You’ll find people judging you on the way you dress, the no. of guy friends you have, the number of friends on your bbm list, everything calls for a discussion and mind it these will be none other than your own friends. One day suddenly I encountered a rapid fire round. “Why do you have to talk to every other guy “and “Why do you need a boyfriend when you have us?” 

Firstly “Would the question have been the same if I would be having more of girlfriends?” I asked and there was a bunch of blank faces. Even if you have 10 guy friends there is no harm in having the 11th one. What matters is choose your friends wisely. Ironically all these advices always come from a committed group of people.

Secondly you need one to share things with, which you don’t share with them. You need one to make you feel special and different in this world. You need one to shut their mouths and prove them wrong. You need one not because they have one but to be happy in your own little world. 

Being single is not a curse. Being unhappy about it is surely a sin. What if you have a bad past? Everyone does. It doesn’t mean you have a red flag for the rest of your life. As I always believe being single is the best phase of your life. 
Cheers to all the single girls!!!!

Tanvi Mahajan

Kirori Mal (Delhi University)

A snippet from a life…

Posted: September 18, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Its summer and I am cold. There is a guilt, a little loneliness spreading over love or just settling with the siblings.
I have a family where its hard for people to be happy and everyone is unaware about who I am. I get depressed as easily I get smiling. Keeping up my hopes has never been a problem, but there is a limit to someone’s positive attitude… How long can one expect to be unaffected of the turns? How long can one be expected to react to the word ‘chill’ instantaneously and remember the philosophical quotations on facebook and become happy? We share it on our profiles but it dosn’t work like that.

Right now I have many dear people in my life whom I am grateful for… but currently, fought with one, another is asleep, one is busy with his girlfriend, others I am not in close contact with… boyfriends are great options for situations where you want to talk your emotions and cry but here boyfriend is never available.

Everything is the way it should be… He is the perfect guy, there are no issues in the present or future, we are mad about each other and totally in In love. But somehow its dying… I dont care about the spark… Its allright but I can’t help it… Its unbearable… Its a hollow inside through which the wind is blowing and only I can hear it and it hurts so badly because I want it to be filled… I want to lie down and rest on it… I want to come back anytime and lie down on it when the world is crashing…Its my rock…it is not suppose to change and sand out. Where do I turn?

Its one of those nights, one of those moments that I decide to pendown… One of those times when you question everything and need someone to stay on the other side so you dont kill yourself from thinking too much. Where you are not sure whether you just miss it or want it back. Who am I? Am I too old for this world? I am not in the right place. Why do my relationships suck so much? Do I want to follow my dream or work for the people? What is my dream? I am scared to sleep with this questions… Because the dreams are a mix between haunting and tempting memories. If I don’t die right now… My dreams would strangle me. If I wake up tomorrow sane… I will be thankful for the sunrise.

Prachi Shah

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

No one is Imperfect

Posted: July 23, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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How many of us here have heard about Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi?

All of us I presume, pretty famous personalities. So people, how many of us also know the fact that the so famous Albert Einstein had speech difficulties as a child and showed dyslexia symptoms. Moreover, the man who could change the world with his words of wisdom and simplicity had difficulty in learning multiplication.

So what am I trying to put through these mere facts? Well, the only reason why I am stating all these facts is quite easy to comprehend. Each one of us would want to be tagged as a perfect human being. Perfect in every sense. Not only because it gives us happiness but more importantly because it is the only way to prove the outside world or the so called “society” which judges us every second that yes we are capable of achieving something in life or doing something good with life and if by any slip of luck you do not fall into this ” Perfect category of people” you would be labelled as a loser. Firstly my apologies to those kinds of people who have been cursing themselves for not doing well in life and blaming and cribbing and complaining every now and then.

You cannot be perfect in everything you do in life. You have to learn to face the difficulties and move on not crib and cry because failure will not make you a loser but giving up surely will .CHEER UP!

In addition, talking about the only way of proving yourself in society is understandable to some extent. Many of us have been slaves of this society, which never ceases to amaze me. Underestimating ourselves and our dignity just because we were not able to meet the expectations of people whom we barely even know would certainly not define where we stand in life and what are we capable of. So if you are one of those slaves of society who was brutally judged in everything you did no matter how hard you tried but your efforts were not even recognised and all that which was put forward was your failure, then my friend you need to stop blaming yourself and start understanding that the world would judge you no matter whatever you do. You really need to trust yourself and your abilities more than someone’s views or opinions. You need not pressurise yourself to prove to the world but yourself because the world will not ever stop judging you anyway.

My friend, you, might not be perfect to the world. None of us is. Even the greatest of people as cited above have failed in some way or another but the reason why they achieved what they desired was simple because they never had to try to prove to the world their abilities and never did they give up when hardships came their way. Even they were not perfect in the eyes of the world but they were perfect in their own thinking. Moreover, that has made all the difference.

So if you were not able to score a 95 % in an exam? Or were not selected in some college of your dreams? Or had a hard day at the office? Or was constantly being compared to your sibling? 
Just breathe.

Because at the end of the day what actually would matter will not be your mark sheet or the crisp bundle of notes you have earned but it would be you. Only you. Because unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, as the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.

Urvi Gauri

Agree and Argue

Posted: July 12, 2013 by Ankur in Daily Quotes
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Agree to a person , you ll be an angel to that person…

Argue and express your views, you’ll encounter a person that

you could never imagine even in your deadliest dreams…

Nabila Khan

Peoples Dental Academy