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Maa ki yaad

Posted: March 26, 2014 by Ankur in Writes...
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Bhar jati aakhaon me aasu jb yaad maa teri aati hai .
Na kat te pl bhar bhi jb wo teri bichdi yaade is dil ko chu jati hai .
bachpan me jo tune pyar dular kiya.jb aata hm pr koi sankat tb
tune hi hme apne aanchal me chipa liya.wo kala tika mastik pr
ankit kr tune is dunia me hme kali najro se bacha liya…

Bhar jati aakhaon me aasu jb yaad maa teri aati hai .
Na kat te pl bhar bhi jb wo teri bichadi yaade is dil ko chu jati hai .
Hey maa ghumi maine dunia sari phir bhi na koi aisa yaar
mila,jis se mil sake mughe aisa pyar na yahan aur na hi is
sansaar ne diya.

Bhar jati aakhaon me aasu jb yaad maa teri aati hai .
Na kat te pl bhar bhi jb teri wo teri bichadi yaade is dil ko chu jati hai…

Amit Kumar



Posted: December 7, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Unbranded shirts, honesty in eyes
Doesn’t exist a tag
Which can quote my father’s price?
An ocean of emotion
But never in a mode of expression
Secretly I’m his biggest pride
This is something he’ll always hide
It’s never about his adversity 
My necessity is his only priority
Still remember the pride in your eyes
Even if I got a participation prize
Beyond words is my gratitude to you
Even if you don’t say
I still very well know
You love me too…

Chaitali Nayak

Candy of your life !

Posted: October 10, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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I was born in the imagination of my  creator,he’s my God.My god used to have his own God too,maybe that’s how things work here ,God creates you and then you become God for something else.But I’m not sure because I never made anything ! But I’ve seen things made, big things growing into huge.Ya,I’ve seen it all !

One day, my God packed me in a box and I landed up in a pile of more people like me. Honestly speaking,I was hell scared.Still I maintained the smile my God gave to me! When I came out of the BOX. I was with this big creature,they called her ‘Durga’ ,they were huge , so I felt better to be with this big one ,it was comparatively small. To my surprise,this creature was not that innocent as it looked like, moreover it changes the curve on its face(NO respect for God !).I never changed the curve, my God gave me, pity inconsiderate! Initially I dint like these giant creatures, but then this comparatively smaller one took serious interest in me. That fellow never left me alone.We slept together, woke up together,and when it engulfed some strange things , even then I used to be there,it tried to make me have those strange things but fortunately my God dint gave me that function.With the passage of time,I started liking this thing,Durga. It was like the only thing I could associate my life with. It also gave me a name “candy”, which I doubt came from the frock I was wearing.

For now,big thing started getting huge,it started giving me more space now,for  the morning hours it used to be a whole commotion here,huge things doing “i-don’t-know-what” stuffs to Durga,and then separating me from it for 5-6 hours.I have no idea where Durga used to go nor do I ever asked but that place had a strong influence on Durga . Coming back ,Durga used to babble a lot new words and developed a passion to  chalk n’ board .Even tried writing on me with that chalk, woof! It was scary. This carried on for a span of time , Durga kept developing absurd habits and interests. But the liking Durga had for me never died,we were inseperable, there were more things like me but I was something Durga never left hold of.

But separation do happen, I was separated from my god ,I expected the same from Durga,it went to  a new place, I know this because it took me along .The place was fine but I liked the old place more, the huge things were a part of my life too .This new place had many more huge people but no one had the sweet scent those old huge guys had. Durga started spending more time with things made of paper and an splitting box of steel, that steel was something I really envied .That monstrous thing took all the love Durga had for me as his own. As if I was of no more importance, steel and Durga were like me and Durga in the old days.Now I was like the other things in the place, candy lost its sweetness!


Amity university, Noida

It was perhaps in the year 2007 or in the year 2008 that my parents got legally separated. It was in the court that I had seen the two of them together, that too for the very last time. It was also a time that my Board exams were knocking at the door. Henceforth, it was to be ensured on my part that I performed exceptionally well, though I must say that I was terrible at Mathematics. I still am. Anyways, since I was heavily inclined towards the Arts I performed exceptionally well in English, Bengali and Social Science having got an A+ in each one of them. Though my life was at crossroads and I had to choose for myself as to how my life would shape up, it was imperative that I took charge of my life. Finally! And I did. At this juncture I need to dwell upon some aspects of my life which harbor immense importance as far as my life is concerned. This is because as long as these aspects that I’m talking about are not clarified, it would be di fficult to perceive the picture in a comprehensive holistic perspective. It is my life, after all. And it is completely up to me as to what I make of it. Henceforth, I would not shirk from admitting facts that others would consider personal and would feel apprehensive to disclose them. So, without further ado, I’ll just hit the nail straightaway on its head. As I mentioned at the very onset, the time that my parents were getting divorced was clashing with my approaching Board Exams. There was so much chaos in the house regarding the separation that was about to take place. No wonder, it was affecting me psychologically. I knew the reason of the divorce and hence I could empathize and not simply sympathize with my mother. My father was all responsible for it, for he never had the time to devote some of his quality time to his wife and his own child owing to the fact that he was highly addicted to alcohol. My mother had tried to the best of her efforts to bring about a noticeable change in him just for the sake of keeping the family together. But nothing unfortunately was falling into place. Everything seemed so bleak that hell broke loose. And finally the divorce did take place. Though it had upset me to every extent humanly understandable I was trying to pick up the stones and move forward in life. My mother would cry in front of me and would plead such that I could release her from the trauma that she was going through with each passing day. I really do not know why I would feel so guilty stricken. I could understand her emotions but was unable to reconcile to the fact that a family that was nourished with so much of love and affection was finally going to fall apart. At last, I did give in to her incessant pleas. I did ask her to divorce my father and live a life on her own terms. She really deserved that much in the course of the 16-17 years of her marriage with my father. Today I blame no one. Its my fate indeed. But what is so significant has to be analyzed extremely psychologically. Why did not a marriage which lasted for about 16-17 years fell on its knees? This is a question which perturbed me to a great extent. I realized the answer to this question when I took up Psychology in my +2. I still remember that I got the highest in this subject itself. Anyways, I realized with great efficiency that every relationship whether affinal or consanguinal needs an amount of space that it so rightfully deserves. Trust, space and compromise ought to be the hallmark of every relationship in concern. I tended to realize though slowly that may be one of these elements was missing in the relationship that my parents shared. I won’t talk about the hardships that I faced simply because this is something every child of a divorced couple faces or perhaps continues to face. And yes, I am one amongst them indeed. So, I would love to conclude my set of experiences here because of the fact that I feel I’ve said enough. Said even more than what I had expected myself to write about. Having said that, I must admit that I really haven’t lost faith in the institution of marriage too surprisingly indeed. On the contrary, these experiences have strengthened and has reaffirmed my faith in this institution even more. I’ve realized that a person learns when he makes mistakes and falters but to make amends very soon. Hence, at this juncture I hold my head high because I’m well aware of the ingredients to sustain a marriage. This is to talk about a marriage that not only sustains itself on grounds of love and faith, but on grounds of space and acceptance as well. Hence, had I really not experienced all this, I really would’ve missed out on an experience of what I call something which comes so rarely in life. I thank my stars for all of this and frankly speaking, I’ve started taking everything in my stride from that day onward. It’s been an experience and I say this being as proud as possible.

Rajarshi Das

Jadavpur University, Department of History


I Miss You……

Posted: April 13, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Some memories never fade. They last forever, as a powerful essence of life reliving themselves at every possible moment. The heart is overwhelmed with the memories that were a joy, but now they only serve the purpose of bringing tears. Folks say, all is forgotten someday. Yet why can’t I forget you? Why can’t I just go on and get busy with my life and just remember you occasionally when somebody would just recall you and your memories. Am I weak? Or am I too attached with the past? I am simply perplexed. Folks say this too, that Time heals everything. I want to ask, does it? The truth that I firmly believe now, is that some people were too dear to be forgotten, some moments can never be fade and some memories can never be erased while one is still alive.

I rested on your lap while I was a merry kid at ten, taking in your sweet scent, a motherly one that was more soothing than anything in the world. I heard those horror stories from you which seem so comical now. I loved to eat even the blandest food from your hands, the food that doesn’t seem to pass down my food pipe now. I savoured the joy of sleeping with you at nights and to talk for endless hours about nothing special, mostly nonsense. Now I understand, there was no one like you who could stand those nonsense with that endearing patience and a heavenly smile. I don’t think anyone would do that ever. You were my constant companion, someone who was always there for me, loving me unconditionally and holding my hand at the hardest of times. A tear trickles down thinking about all this. 

I admit, as the times went by and the burden of academic excellence gripped the students entering into their mid-teens, with the fearful thoughts of career and a prospective future, I ignored you. I started spending less time with you. Yet, you never complained. You never said a word. You continued smiling and whispering those words of encouragement in my ears with a smile on your face. 

And then one fateful day, you went away forever. The thought again brings tears but I know I have to control myself. You stopped breathing in my very own arms. You grew cold and stopped blinking your eyelids in front of my own eyes. I felt the coldness of your body hit me like a bullet-shot. I couldn’t believe it. I was in a daze. Were you really gone? Wont you talk to me ever again? Will I never see you again except in frames and memories? I was shattered more by my fault of ignoring you than by your absence.

It’s been five years now. A long time as I say. But the memories haven’t faded nor the thoughts been erased. Everything seems as fresh as dew. I know I have to move on and become a successful lawyer, and blah blah blah but yes I’ll always bear a regret. I wasn’t there with you when you needed me the most. I’m sorry and I feel awful for this. Yet I know, you in your endearing smile and with that calmness that you possess would forgive me readily and take me in your arms and love me once more. All I want to say now, I love you a lot and till the end of my life, you shall be the most cherished and loved person of my life. 

I miss you Grandma……..

Antra Banerjee

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

Marriage, most appropriately defined as a union of two souls. Union of two souls doesn’t encompass any age barriers, but marriage is a responsibility to be realized by both. This realization can duly be achieved when both of them have attained understanding towards the world of things. Learning is a process which continues with time and experience. This has laid down the reason behind settling the marriage age to 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys. 

The legal age for marriage certifies that both of them have reached epitome of physical and mental development. When talking about physical aspects, it means that individuals are mature and are developed biologically. The hormonal changes and physical changes have completed. The on-set of puberty marks development of male and female reproductive genitals along with hormonal secretions leading opposites sex to attract. This is so natural. After deep observation and study of these physical and psychological  changes occurring in human body, government has fixed legal ages of marriage.

Why are people acting as illiterates? Why are they so eager to get married? What makes them lack this sense? Is it the problem of illiteracy? No, its not. Because even government is supporting them. High court verdicts, “Muslim girl can get married at 15years of age if she has attained puberty”. Does it make any sense? Onset of puberty marks development of human reproductive system and featuring signs of it.

In the Era of Education, where in people are spending thousands of bucks on various subjects of knowledge why they fail to understand the reason behind the legal marriage age. According to Mohammedan Law, “A girl can marry without the consent of her parents once she attains the age of puberty and she has the right to reside with her husband even if she is below the age of 18”. Does it make any sense? 

At 18, when teens should concentrate on their future aspects they are given a opportunity to flee and get married. Government has all support for the Mohammedan Law. Recently a mother of a 15year old girl filled a complaint against her daughter who married a person without the consent of her parents. High court ruled out the complaint and declared the marriage legal according to Mohammedan Law and the girl pleaded to remain at her matrimonial home. Courts decision has stunned me. Considering the legal age of marriage for a girl to be 18years, from where did the Mohammedan Law come? With all respect to its imbibing’s from Holy Quran , this the marriage aspect of this law is bit haphazard. This law gives a 15year old girl, who should be in 10th standard according to Indian Education System, right to marry anyone without the consent of her parents. A 15year old, just because she has onset of puberty, makes her eligible for getting married. A 15year old who still does not know much about the world, who still lacks skills to cook, skills to manage her family, expertise in managing her home, who is still in learning age; is given a right to marry. I am exasperated owing to High Courts approval and Government’s happy submission to Mohammedan Law. 

Government is over looking various problems which  arise owing to early marriages:

  • Increase in population: lack of wisdom, eagerness of sex, lack of proper sex education makes them major contributors towards growing population
  • Diseases: lack of sex education and proper understanding towards diseases make them more prone to various diseases.
  • Longer Time Period For Reproduction: owing to early marriages, couple gets extended years to reproduce.
  • Illiteracy & Poverty: more the number of members in the family, higher is the illiteracy and poverty.

Government of India should sincerely ponder on the laws which are already laid. Being proud of the longest constitution isn’t enough. You need to consider the clauses before applying them to the real world. Actions of Government should render progress of the country rather than hindering it.

Teach your womb

Posted: July 2, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Its always said the first lesson of learning is always taught to child by his parents. Varying from walking, talking, general manners etc. Now its time to move from “Teaching Begins at home” to “Teaching Begins in Womb”. 

Recently, their is a new buzz in the market that to-be parents or rather pregnant ladies are attending workshops to deliver genius kids after 9months. The scenario revolves around paying some extra bucks to training centers which in return give 20kgs of reading material, DVDs, toys extra using which you can train your untrained womb.

The fact which the training programs are countering upon is the stimulation of the brain of the pregnant woman. These DVDs, videos, reading material aim to provide a positive impact on the brain of the the reader.

This in turn helps the kid to develop in a better manner in the womb. When embryo is in womb it grows daily.We have been hearing from quite long certain sequences of it. A one year old reciting complete Ramayana. 10year old clearing IIT. We consider it miracle. Sometimes, it really is miraculous.

Consider an example from an epic Mahabharata. As an unborn child in his mother’s womb, Abhimanyu learned the knowledge of entering the deadly and virtually impenetrable Chakravyuha from Arjuna, his father. The epic explains that he overheard his father, Arjuna, talking about this with his wife Subhadra, while he was still in his mother′s womb. Arjuna explains to Subhadra in detail, the technique of attacking and escaping from various vyuhas (an array of army formation) such as Makaravyuha, Kurmavyuha, Sarpavyuha etc. After explaining all the vyuhas, he explains about the technique of cracking Chakravyuha. Arjuna explains to her how to enter the Chakryavyuha. When he was about to explain how to exit from the Chakravyuha, he realises that Subhadra is asleep and stops expounding on the Chakravyuha further. As a result, he could not hear the whole story about how to exit. Due to this during the war of Mahabharata, Abhimanyu was killed.

This was just a case of chance. Nothing was deliberate. Nowadays, it is becoming a practice. Pregnant woman are attending the training sessions, in order to deliver genius children. Whats making them intelligent is their ability to grow. Brain of a child is just like a basket or a bucket which has the capability of absorbing information. Now, these courses help in increasing the size of memory bucket there by allowing brain to adsorb more and more of the information, making child genius.

Their is an area of concern in my mind, however I am not genius. Neither did my mom attend such training sessions. The enormous pressure of learning on such a tiny brain is worth it? Why is it so people are all set to generate next Einstein? All thanks to the rising competition. 

Everyone aims in having a child who is intelligent and can stand next to the worlds most successful person. The growing competition in the field education, jobs etc is demanding this extra bit of training for pregnant woman and is casting a enormous pressure on unborn kids. Some doctors believe that this form of learning is quite beneficial for children as it is a form of entertainment for them. No one knows what are its after effects. Mystery will unfold itself in the coming years. Lets see how many training sessions are equipped enough to generate next Einstein. pheww…