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A lazy spring is about to end
But the weather plays fickle
And there is moistness in the air
Rainbows, far away

I lay on grass
Tenderness and nature
Are a cocktail to savor

Lost in the thoughts
About what transpired that day
Burden of being me
Collapsed on me
Yes, I broke down
Fears, tears

A cold day it was
Cold shoulders
Cold vibes
Rivalry spoiled revel
Friends became foes,
People I knew, were strangers all over again

 My job which was my dream
became a bane
I confronted shame
failure was stark
life as I knew had changed

 I ached for an escape

By the alley
Stood a vendor selling some juicy apples
I took a glossy red
He told me “Until it finishes..”
I took a bite
Got teleported

 This haven
An escape
A picturesque landscape
This grass, soft and welcoming
Did I die ?
Or am I now Truly Alive ?


 The vendor’s last words
“Until it finishes”
I have time to be here

 This fruit isn’t the forbidden one
It’s a cherished one
The celebrated one
It’s like my ‘dream’

 He provided me an escape
A green bed to rest
Mercy surrounds me

 I am now convinced in His plan
Ah ! It was a process to
toughen me
&  awaken me

 Phoenix, now I shall show you,
How to rise. . .

Husain Sodawala
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur




this poem is the outcome of continuous lectures and long college timing; forced my mind to seek solace in this comforting world of poetry

It is joy that I seek
When I play with raining drops
When I stand in swaying grass
When my eyes behold the setting sun
It is not wealth but joy that I seek;

The world is nothing but illusion and dream
Mansions and coins, soon shall they slip
Those whom you love shall seldom weep
While beneath dust for eternity you sleep;

While men wander in endless greed
Placing their hopes in fleeting things
Happy is soul which has simple needs
Material heart surely bleeds;

For pure intention of blissful end
For freedom of heart and truthful friend
I have left this world, before my heart is tired of beats
It is joy that I seek!!

Abrar Ahmed
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur