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As the golden day passes by…
My urge to see you makes me cry…
Cruel sun… shines harsh on me
And evenings are on what not to be
Midst of all what makes me see
Your buttery eyes the joy for me
From morning seven to evening nine
More tears roll down but I am fine
Why is it so difficult for you to feel?
What’s inside me and urges u to appeal
They make me crazy I try not to see
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
I know it well I’m not the one for you
That day will come which ends blue
Am I deaf or blind to see?
What’s shouting within n wants to get free
Or is it you who’s binding me…
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
The questions are more and answers few
That black in me grew and grew
All those ugly shades of colour
My spirits getting as more duller
What only puts me on and on
Is the melody of your hearts chiffon
My only thing and hope of glee
Your buttery eyes… The joy for me

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

Contest :  It will heal with time ;Maybe|

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

this poem is the outcome of continuous lectures and long college timing; forced my mind to seek solace in this comforting world of poetry

It is joy that I seek
When I play with raining drops
When I stand in swaying grass
When my eyes behold the setting sun
It is not wealth but joy that I seek;

The world is nothing but illusion and dream
Mansions and coins, soon shall they slip
Those whom you love shall seldom weep
While beneath dust for eternity you sleep;

While men wander in endless greed
Placing their hopes in fleeting things
Happy is soul which has simple needs
Material heart surely bleeds;

For pure intention of blissful end
For freedom of heart and truthful friend
I have left this world, before my heart is tired of beats
It is joy that I seek!!

Abrar Ahmed
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

An ode to the bustling lives..!!!
An artist searches for his lost soul through his art,
And a struggler tiptoes on the brink of heartbreak searching his Sun in the dark…!!!!
A mother waits beside a telephone to hear her son’s voice,
And a loner stands on a balcony watching rain while a silent tear drop makes his cheeks moist…!!!!

Someone seeks vendetta from innocent for the ill once drawn to him in the past,
And a broken heart tries to strengthen itself by making a silent promise to never let his emotions last…!!!!

An old lady looks at the front door waiting for her grandson on her birthday,
And a mourner, deep in night, stares at moon thinking of the tragedies that had came upon him in the past days…!!!!

Someone sits lonely staring over her coffee, seeking for a shoulder on whom she can cry,
And someone, somewhere, opens the cork of his champagne enjoying his success alone staring at a night sky…!!!!

Every heart has his own sorrow,
A dreamer searches his opportunity in next morrow…
Each men carries pains,
lives full of stains…
It is always better to forget, live on and move,
Then to start living your life as a recluse……!!!!!!!!

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur




I am often intrigued by the fascination I can garnish for an interest of mine so suddenly, as if I am struck by a bolt of lightning. That interest can be a particular genre of music to which I’m connected to, a poetry which I have written or any character driven novel which I relish. What is it in me that flaps its wings so vehemently, which gathers its strength so intensely, that my own will surrenders to its mighty power?

I see the world around me fading away into nothingness and I see, hear and breathe my fascination, my interest, my addiction. As if, I’m overpowered by the will of the ‘Creature’ living inside me. I always thought of this entity as an Eagle. So omnipotent, so glorious in its vigour, that it outshines the light of my soul. The Eagle which erupts from the endless pit of my heart, engulfing my responsibilities and forcing me to kneel down in front of her, satiating her thirst, her desires.

I remember all those futile attempts I made to keep my focus on the cumbersome obligations of my monotonous life. But that flaming, enormous bird clouds my vision and compels me to follow her path, the path to eternal wisdom. In the dead of night, she speaks to me, “As long as a being has no knowledge of his own soul, this world will remain oblivious to him, hidden by a mysterious veil. To attain enlightenment, one has to follow his heart and worship his dreams.”

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur