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Love and Hope

Posted: October 21, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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In the frosty of an ancient first light
That lazily lingers on; 
Love, will give you hopes

In the middle of an intense storm
That trees you tattered and worn; 
Love, will give you hopes

Even while your tears fall like rain
And your sour soul screams aloud
And you believe there’s not anything missing to gain
As you walk lost in a crowd…

Love, will give you hopes.

When your heart begins to break
And you think, “No more can I take, “
Love, will give you hopes..

When need outweighs your means
And you have not anything left but dreams; 
Love, will give you hopes.

Even while your tears fall like rain
And your sour soul screams aloud
And you feel there’s not anything left to gain
As you walk lost in a crowd…

Love, will give you hopes

Nikhil Chandwani

VIT University

An answered farmer’s cry…

Posted: September 1, 2012 by aadrikanliu in Aadrika; NLIU Bhopal, Writes...
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The earth was dry skinned… So dry with the sun’s mighty heat that it had stopped crying. There was dryness everywhere out and everywhere insideinside so deep that it met with fire. There seemed no difference between hell and heaven, both with hatred and love… but with the heat, no sign of wetness existed there, no sign of life created by soil of the skin of dry earth.

Wetness was only inside the strongest animal of the earthwho was controlling himself not to break, but he could not break the fiery bond between his family.

He looked at his dying hope… a wretched piece of earth which had taken half the life of that man as struggle but still was half empty, and then at his dying children with their mouths open for a drop of water… the farmer unable to control the river inside his heart gazed above with his moist hopeful eyes meeting with the equally moist eyes of the rain goddess, who was dawning on the sky like a dream with her soothing long gown flying above the almighty sun, with her cloudy children beside her she felt the pain of farmer’s dying children…

Tears started falling from her eyes meeting with sadness of farmer’s eye forming a sign of support giving a lift and strength to the rain drops pattering on the cheeks of earth. Comfort spreads on the heated ground of earththe dry tears on farmer’s face are accompanied by the rain falling on his curved lips. His children are rejoicing with the children of rain.

A sign of everlasting love is seen between the meeting of soil and water. The comfort provided to Mother Nature makes her alive and she thanks the rain by forming half a circle of  her greenery accompanied with the colorful rainbow smile of the earth making a complete circle of love.

The end of the rainbow sends shimmering colors down the rain goddess surrounded by blessings of white clouds, the sun blesses her with the crown of rays for her godliness against him and deep down the soul of farmer thanks her. Deeply touched by all this, the rain goddess smiles with joy-never-felt-before and a small tear glints at the corner of her eye.

Prachi Shah

National law institute university

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

Shattered Dreams

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Eyes filled with tears, heart drenched with fear.

Difficulties will come your way but you just shoo ‘em away.

Opportunities are plenty but right now my pocket is empty.

Eyes filled with tears, heart drenched with fear.

Fulfill the dreams today, find your own way.

Follow your heart today, be happy with your own way.

Don’t be so jealous of others, be a star on your own terms.

My day will also come soon and everybody will listen to my tune!

Preeti Manchanda

एक उमींद

Posted: August 19, 2012 by Ankur in Hindi Write-ups, Writes...
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दिल में जो थी एक उमींद बाकी वो भी टूट गयी
आखों के कोने से वो पता नहीं कब आसूँ बन के छुट गयी
थामें थे जो सपने इन मुठियों में
खोली तो पाया की इन उँगलियों के बीच से वो रेत की तरह बह गए
अब बाकी है तो एक टूटा घरोंदा
भूली बिसरी यादों की कब्र हो जैसे
सिली सी दीवारें है उसकी
और अँधेरे से कोने
जिनके इर्द गिर्द दिन के उजालें जाने से भी कतराते हैं
जाती है तो सिर्फ रात की खामोशियाँ
और किसी दिन एक सुबह बस जायेगी एक बार वहाँ से सारी यादें
किन्ही चार कंधो पे , सत्य की आवाज़ के साथ….