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It was good while it lasted,

I wish it had gone more,

But I know I cannot stop you,

from leaving me forevermore.


I loved you from the beginning of time,

and shall do so till the end,

I don’t care if you leave me,

I just know in my heart you’ll be there.


I’ll miss you when you’re gone,

and you shall take with you,

a piece of me and my life,

I know that my love was true.


How my heart wants you to stay,

but it feels your pain,

I know I musn’t let you go,

and I know that’ll be insane.


You have chosen your path,

and upon it must you travel,

you musn’t think of the past,

and just continue upon the gravel.


Just keep one thought in mind,

and I must be that thought,

because you will always be mine,

and I will always be yours.


Destiny had brought us together,

and destiny’s taking us apart,

in this destiny’s atrium,

now we shall part.


I want to hold on to you,

and never ever let you go,

but for you and your happiness sake,

I must let go of you.


I’m sorry it’s coming to an end,

a large part of me you are,

and perhaps some day in some other life,

we’ll be together somewhere far.


Things did come between us,

and did tear us apart,

but we beat all the odds,

to find each others hearts.


I had the best time of my life,

and I’ll never forget it,

but now it’s time to say goodbye,

all good things come to it.


It is the end of all things,

of pain, of laughter, of joy,

but something will stay forever between us,

what exists between every girl and boy.

Kinshuk Kashyup
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur




this poem is the outcome of continuous lectures and long college timing; forced my mind to seek solace in this comforting world of poetry

It is joy that I seek
When I play with raining drops
When I stand in swaying grass
When my eyes behold the setting sun
It is not wealth but joy that I seek;

The world is nothing but illusion and dream
Mansions and coins, soon shall they slip
Those whom you love shall seldom weep
While beneath dust for eternity you sleep;

While men wander in endless greed
Placing their hopes in fleeting things
Happy is soul which has simple needs
Material heart surely bleeds;

For pure intention of blissful end
For freedom of heart and truthful friend
I have left this world, before my heart is tired of beats
It is joy that I seek!!

Abrar Ahmed
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur