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Wrath Against Karma

Posted: August 7, 2012 by Zoyeb in Writes...
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Let this karma dig up his own grave,
My deeds will not be Destiny’s slave.
This mutiny flows turbulently in my thick blood,
Strong deprivations will not be marred by wet mud.
A gun and a bullet won’t be my last resort,
Through barren broken roads I will trot.

Nails of longing cut me deep,
Drowning inside me,
I’m too traumatized to weep.
A solace is to be found in this succumbing emptiness
Searching within me,
I seek to overcome this hellish madness.

Let this karma rot in hell,
My actions will not be sunk in any shallow well.
This sanity flows vigorously in my veins,
My desires will not be choked by thundering rains.
A pedestal and a noose won’t be my last resort,
Through times thick and thin I’ll crawl.

I’ll crawl through Warfield of nails,
Towards my heart I’ll creep.
This wrath against Karma will now unfold,
When even death fades away,
My soul won’t be left cold.

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur