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FREEDOM – My story

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Ankur in Live Events, Writes...
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After a long working hour of the morning shift at last I have reached my home,  in need of a cup of coffee and some snacks.

        “Hey, Payal just bring some coffee and the snacks which we brought yesterday”, I said in a tired tone.

       “You have to bring those snacks once more and this time in a large quantity”, Payal said.

      “What happened to the snacks which were present in the kitchen yesterday”, I said.

      “All finished, some guests arrived in the morning”, Payal said.

After a short conversation on the coffee and snacks topic I just changed clothes and moved towards the stairs which leads to the terrace.

     “At least take your coffee”, Payal said.

Holding the mug of coffee with both the hands I headed towards the terrace.

Feeling the cold and warmness of the nature I was just attracted by it on the time just before the sunset it feels like a great pressure, seeing the birds returning home and birds flying in the open space all around.

      And just look at me after doing a lot work in the office just can’t get some snacks to eat. Who is responsible for this? Who made me work so much? Why I can’t be free like birds flying in the air.

     Why can’t I feel my freedom just like the birds in the sky?

     Don’t these birds have anything to do? Do they have families, do they have guests who come and eat away all their snacks and you are forced to buy more from the shop?

    I don’t know why I am considering just a small task so laborious. But I can say that I am not able to feel the freedom. I have rights to freedom. Why a bird can fly freely and feel like, they are going to reach the sun.

   I question on the freedom of birds, why are the laborious and time consuming works given to me to bear and the birds jut fly opening their wing wide in the air, flying aimlessly in air.

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   Do these birds have work shift, do they produce contract or do they search for the companies on the Vaio laptops.

   Why? God why me!? All the freedom to birds and not at all to me.

   “Freedom, freedom everywhere not a freedom to me.” I don’t know from where I am getting such an idiotic quote but I am in a serious envy with these colorful birds.

    It seems like they are going to eat my mind away because they have freedom and I can’t shoot them with my AK47 because I don’t have freedom and also I don’t have an AK47.

   Why freedom is not equally distributed equally amongst all. Why my wife Payal has just only one work that is cooking and she is not at all good at it and all the other work I have to do. Alone and all by myself.

   If I would have got to ask about the freedom distribution from the God, and pass a judgement on Him, till now He would be making wheat flour behind the iron bars.

   “Is freedom a stage of mind or it’s my imagination. Or I am mad. Oh God, I don’t know freedom over there too.

  I should write a letter to God on the issue of increasing the freedom limit of mine. Might be my freedom package have expired.

  I just wish to say some words this free FLYING BIRDS. But again I lose my freedom. In saying these words at my house, at my office and not even in front of a mirror, after all I am not mad.

  Might be madness in inversely proportional to the freedom:

                              Madness α  

  As freedom increases, madness decreases.

  I think the second case in just going with me right now.

   Oh shit, the last sip of coffee. I don’t have freedom over my coffee also.

   By the way who were the guests who ate my snacks and I have to be empty stomach for such a long time. I must ask Payal who the hell were they people finished my snack.

  “Hey Payal, who were the guests who came to house at noon in my absence.” I said to Payal in a mad or say angry tone.

  Payal replied “Your boss and his wife”.

   Hey God what is your problem why is my boss torturing me from both sides one from office and another from my house also.

   And huh, I don’t have the freedom to say the words which are on my tongue, even in their absence.

    “Freedom is not given, freedom is what you take”.

    This quote is a shit about freedom. Just wasted my 40 minutes thinking about the birds flying over me.

     And yeah, thanks for shitting on my new shirt and I can’t tell you anything because you have my power, the life, the greetings, the blessings of freedom.

     Go fly back to home and sleep its already dark!

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Life is very short, so it is advised to live your life fullest‘. A thought, thought by many but interpreted by very few. 

There was once girl who very well understood the meaning of this thought and implemented it thoroughly in her life. Her name was Ujjwala. She was the only daughter of her parents. ‘Ujjwala’ means ‘brightening’. She had very well interpreted the meaning of her name. She always thought of brightening the life of others through her good deeds. But, God had sent her with one defect because of which she was always misinterpreted by people. She was a short statured girl. Because of her short height she had become a laughing stock in her school. But then too she accepted her defect sportingly. But as we see in today’s life, no one is a friend; here all are against each other, so as we see that she had taken her defect sportingly people surrounding her didn’t allowed her to take this sportingly.

An astrologer had predicted that she will die soon. So this had made her very sad, so one day she thought of running away from the house. So, one night when everyone around in her home sleeping she packed her bag and started running. By the time she also thought of taking shortcut rather than going through main road to the railway station. So she went on through the forest. That night was very dark. As she was crossing through the forest she heard some noises.

As she was running through the forest the bag in which she was everything, her accessories tore off. But this did not discourage her. Even though her bag had tore off still she carried away the bag. She remembered what her mother used to say to her,” life is not a burden, sometime some situation may arise that you may break down in tears or then you must be strong enough to face the situation. While remembering this entire thing she remembered about her mother. She realized that by the time she will be much tensed for her. She then thought of her father who had not once but many times who had not once but many times had encourage her to pursue her own. She thought of her friend Ramya, Neha who had never distinguished her from others. Realizing all this she went back towards the main road and start walking towards her home.

After reaching home she saw a drastic incident happening in her home. She saw her home burning in flames. This was out of her imagination she wanted to go towards the site but she was not allowed by her neighbors. Firemen came there to douse fire; they also tried to save the persons inside the house but unfortunately couldn’t save anyone. Being all this Ujjwala started crying. By then an old lady came towards her and asked her, ‘’what happened my child why are you crying? Where were you when all this was happening? Ujjwala told everything to that lady. She was shocked hearing this. She had never thought that the girl with full of life, energy can ever do this. She asked Ujjwala for the reason. She told her that she was pissed by her life. Every time she wanted to accept any defect sportingly she couldn’t do so. She added, “There’s always something that binds me and doesn’t allow me to think positive. I was pissed off hearing abuses of people regarding my height. So I thought of running away”.

After hearing this lady told her, “My child, in our life we may face many hurdles, but that doesn’t mean you should run away, you should believe in yourself & face the situation sportingly. Life is very short; no one knows what will happen in future. So, live your life to the fullest. After hearing to that old lady Ujjwala got inspired and promised that lady that she will never run away from the situation.

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Epilogue – AFTER 5 YEARS

Now Ujjwala is very happy. She had fulfilled the dreams of her father, of serving poor people by curing their diseases free of cost. She had opened a small clinic where several people, people from far places come to checkup. Thus she had lived her life the fullest was so the prediction by the astrologer was proved wrong. She lived for 10 more years and served people thoroughly.

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My mind had gone numb. Nobody could say that we weren’t expecting this. My eldest sister had just died. But I think her death was smoother than the rest. She had died quietly unlike the others, whose lips had become black and they were croaking for water. We were five sisters out of which only I was still alive. My mother was sobbing quietly but her hands were moving like a clockwork knitting mats. I laid my head on her lap. She fondled me with her rough hands devoid of any moisture. “Mother will she come back?”, I asked for the fourth time. Her answer wasn’t the same as always. This time instead of her silence I heard an answer. Her cold and determined voice frightened but after she had finished speaking.

 I was chilled to the bone. “Manali will never come back. None of your four sisters are coming back. Manali’s name was given after your grandmother. It was her eyes that she had. Both of them died silently begging for water. So will us.”

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“No mother, please don’t say that….” I said before which she cut me short. “You must leave us. We are only corpses in a barren waste land which has experienced drought for the last five years. You must leave us unless you want to mix with our ashes.” “Mother I don’t want to leave you”, I wept.


Her mad screams were the last words I heard from her.

I was desperately alone, but I did have some things with me. I would wear amazing mats within a day. I had the capability to survive for long without food and water but most importantly I had the fire within me. The fire for which, I had to sacrifice my mother.

 I soon reached a town SURAT or something like that was its name. I joined a cobbler. The next few days went like a whirl and the year ended before I knew it. I think I had accomplished enough to make my parents proud that year. One school had given me admission telling that me that I had certain talents which I didn’t know about. They spoke the truth, I still don’t know whether I am talented or not.

 I won’t that my school days were easy. They forced me to talk in a language that was absolutely foreign to me. English they said was a universal language and would be extremely useful in the long run.

I had done many things which I didn’t like in my village so it wasn’t anything too difficult. The only class I liked was my knitting class. My teachers used to keep telling that I would become a fashion designer when I grew up. But the best part I liked to hear was that fashion designer got lots n lots of money.


“Manali how long do you take to bath. Come out quickly.” Dev was my son who was studying hard for his board exam and he hated it when there was somebody in the bathroom when he wanted to bath. During teatime when we sat in our garden, Manali asked me “Mother do you think the pictures in Dev bhaiya’s books were real? I really want to see a desert where nobody gets water to drink let alone bath. Can we go to a place like that during my holidays?” “I really don’t want to my dear, but we will see”, I replied.

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Childhood of Rich and Poor

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The picture clearly shows the difference among rich and poor people. Moreover it is also showing the racial discrimination. We can see that clearly in the picture the white and black color of the two different children.

Basically, we are given an example that how the life of poor and rich people is different. As we can see that the one who is poor is playing and enjoying with water. We can also examine that though his dressing is not that good but he is not bothered about it. The little child whose color is quite fair than the other is standing still far behind that boy and just watching the other fellow playing with water. It seems that the little boy who is standing behind with his family wants to play like him. The picture clearly depicts the desire of the rich child to play with water but he cannot do so because of some boundations and the differences which are there between rich and poor or black and white.

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Picture is setting an example for the differences that are created between rich and poor people from birth only.

In the picture the two sides of water clearly shows the difference among the two classes of people. On one side there is this small child who is standing behind the line of water showing richness and on the other side of water the other child playing with water showing poverty.

 So in a nutshell the picture is describing or giving the overview about difference among rich and poor, white and black. It clearly indicates racism also. We can see these differences from the dressing sense of the two, by activities of them and the line of water which is dividing both of them into two different states of richness and poverty.

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Hidden sides of my world

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This is my world. My world is amazing and amusing. It comprises of all types of emotions, feelings and aesthetics but the present era has got a bit eroded by the stereotyping of this world into two different parts ‘a man and a woman’. These two are the protagonists of this real time play called “life”.

Though they stand even yet they are distinguished as odds. Why is it so? I am a woman myself. Woman has a high emotional quotient but men treat them to be the people with dark sided feelings as far as their expressions are considered. I want my world to be free from this stereotyping. My world should have no dark and white sides. It should have an equal consideration for both.

Man has eroded his own personality by treating woman as a puppet of his hand. Today woman are scared of men being around, the deadly and scary image of men have evolved the dark or the negative side of my world. Women are becoming prey to men who extort them, harass them and take the whole individuality out of the women. My heart yells to this ruthless attitude of my own world. But maybe there is still some hope left.

 As one day I was reflecting over the dramatic and awful situation of my world, a tear rolled my cheeks and seemed to yell to me that why I am so biased against the other protagonist of my own world?

Men may also have the bright and positive side. Not all men are culprits; not all women are victims! What if one of them goes missing? Oh! My world would end. Woman and man form an integral part of this veracious livelihood. I cannot afford losing any of them. Men also have feelings. My better half is the best example. He is the man who keeps the woman of his life before himself when the question of respect, individuality and love arises. So, if I can find one like him then how can the world be devoid of such great men?

No! I won’t let that happen, I won’t let the world to distinguish my protagonists on the grounds of emotion and feelings just because of few scars. Though a coin has two sides so does life. But my world’s two sides are not opposite to each other. The two sides are actually complementing each other. The white side is the serenity of their relationship and dark side calls for the tough and aggressive attitude of two protagonists towards any kind of situation that may try to tear them apart. May be the next few lines reflect my idea:

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        “You may find the idea of my world abstruse,

          But it doesn’t affect me of getting it over!

          My view is profusely optimistic to create a bridge between the two ends,

          Who are the protagonists; always treated obtuse.”

For people my idea of having world in which man and woman are not at odds with each other is hard to understand  but this won’t stop me because I m highly motivated towards bridging this gap between two protagonists of life who are not understood easily and truly by others.

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क्यों हो गये है हम इतने स्वार्थी ? क्यों नहीं दिखते हमें दूसरे प्राणी ? पानी जिसपे सबका बराबर हक है, क्यों छीन रहे है हम दूसरे प्राणी का पानी!

पानी में हैं बहुत शक्ति,वो देता हमें जीने की शक्ति, क्यों छीन रहे हैं हम दूसरे प्राणी की शक्ति

क्या हम में हैं इतनी सी भक्ति |

छीन के उनका पानी उसको भी कर रहे है प्रदूषित

ना खुद जी रहे है,ना जीने दे रहे है दूसरे प्राणी को,

क्यों हो गये है इतने स्वार्थी ?

पानी जीने का सार है, छीन के उसका पानी छीन रहे है उसका जीवन सारा,

कर रहे है इतना बड़ा पाप, छीन के किसी का जीवन, क्या जी पाएँगे हम ?

क्या बस इतनी सी रह गयी है इंसानियत,

कमज़ोरो से छीन रहे उनका हक |

क्या खुद के स्वार्थ के लिए,छीन लेंगे हम

दूसरों का जीवन, क्या नहीं है उनको जीने का हक,

क्या है ये उनकी ग़लती या है ये उनका गुनाह,

जो बाँट रही ये दुनिया हम इंसानों के साथ 

क्या हमारे समाज ने यही सिखाया,

कमज़ोरों का उठाओ ग़लत फ़ायदा |

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क्या जो प्राणी बोलता नहीं,

नही सुननी चाहिए हमे उसकी मन की कहानी,

लगता है हमे हमारा जीवन कितना अहम,

क्या नहीं है उनका जीवन अहम,

पानी जीने का सार है देता वो सबको जीवन,

क्यों छीन के उनका पानी, छीन रहे है उनका जीवन |

क्यों हो गये है हम इतने बूरे,

क्या मिट गयी हम में इंसानियत

क्यों हमरे लिए सिर्फ़ हम ही रह गये |

छीन के दूसरो के जीने का हक,

क्या जी पाएँगे हम??

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संसार, पूरा संसार एक जीवन चक्र, एक जीवन श्रंखला से बँधा हुआ हैं | सभी एक दूसरे पर आश्रित हैं | जीवन में कोई भी ऐसी चीज़ नहीं है जो किसी के लिए या किसी के कारण नहीं होती हो | हर काम हर चीज़ एक दूसरे पर निर्भर हैं |

संसार में चाहे इंसान हो या जानवर सभी एक दूसरे पर आश्रित हैं, यहाँ तक की प्रकृति भी हम पर ही निर्भर करती है | जैसा हम संसार मेी रहकर कार्य करते हैं वैसे ही हर चीज़ उस अनुसार हो जाती हैं|

जैसा की हम समझ सकते हैं की हमारी सरकार, बड़ी-बड़ी सरकारें बस नाम की है, लेकिन काम की नहीं | हमारी सरकार सिर्फ़ अपनो से छोटे लोगो को नीचा दिखाने और खुद को बहुत अछा साबित करने के अलावा कुछ नहीं कर सकती है | हम जनता हैं, हमें हमेशा बड़े-बड़े नेताओं में दबे रहने पड़ता हैं| क्यूँ? ऐसी कोई दीवार होनी चाहिए जो हमे ऐसे भ्रष्ट नेताओं और भ्रष्टाचार करने वालों से बचा सकें| हमेशा से यही चलता आ रहा हैं कि हमे हमारे नेताओं के तले दबे रहते हैं और वो भ्रष्ट होते हुए भी उँचे बने रहते हैं |

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देश में हर तरफ ग़रीबी, भुखमरी फैली हुई हैं, जगह-जगह पर उसको हटाने का काम कोई सरकार नहीं करती,वो सिर्फ़ अपनो से निम्न पद पे बैठे लोगो को नीचे गिराने का काम ही कर सकती हैं |

दुनिया मे हर तरीके का परिवर्तन आया है,सभी ने पश्चिमी रीति-रिवाज़ों को अपनाया हैं | निम्न पद के लोगो हमेशा उच्च पद के लोगो से डरते ही थे, और अभी भी दर ही रहे हैं | ऐसा क्यूँ? जब देश में सबको समानता का अधिकार प्राप्त हैं तो फिर कोई किसी से बड़ा कैसे और कोई किसी से छोटा कैसे? सभी इंसान समान होते हुए भी उनमें श्रेणी भेदभाव,जाती अभी भी होता हैं|

लोगो ने सभी चीज़ों में पश्चिमी रीति-रिवाज़ों को अपनाया हैं,परंतु इन चीज़ों में तो वो अभी भी वहीं के वहीं हैं | हमे एक ऐसी दीवार का निर्माण करना चाहिए जो ऐसी सब चीज़े होने से रोकें | इनका कड़ा विरोध करें | हम सभी को एकजुट होकर इसका विरोध करना चाहिए और और सबसे अहम बात तो ये की हमारी सरकार और जनता अगर मिलकर साथ-साथ काम करें तो आज हमारा देश सच में “सोने की चिड़िया” तो ये बात तब सच में सफल हो जाएगी की हाँ हमारा भारत सच में वैसा ही बन जाएगा |

इसी तरह सरकार और जनता को मिलकर देश का निर्माण एक सहज, सुस्पष्ट ढंग से करना चाहिए !

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As Swami Vivekananda said, aim high, I too believe that he must have said it for the benefit of the people and by analyzing them, as the picture I have got also depicts the same thought as the small boy standing alone on the basketball ground is trying aim for the basketball ring. He is not having any thoughts whether the ball would reach his aim or not.

The same thing applies to all human beings, trying to making our aim is not bad but leaving things that they are big and can’t be achieved is wrong. Everyone knows all big things start from a very small base. If we start thinking that how can we achieve the magnificent at all, it would be an utterly wrong concept, flowing through us. Instead one should have a high aim and make himself that much capable so that he could be different from what he is at the time.

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If you think, that the great basketball players didn’t play so great, then miraculously they started playing great? You’re again thinking wrong! No, there is a lot of hard work and time which they have invested out of courts to become the great player they are today. The same case is with all other spheres of life. You cannot achieve higher aims thinking on your bed. I don’t say dreaming in your bed is a wrong thing but once you get your idea, like what you have to do or achieve, jump out of your bed and do something that will make you closer to your aim. Every time you analyze you must feel yourself closer and closer to your aim. You will definitely have bad times to making your dreams come true but do not get back from it instead they are the checkpoints in your life so that you learn out from what all mistake you have done and fine a nice solution to it rather than blaming someone else from that situation and leaving your dreams.

At last I would just say aim high and high. I have heard “make sky your limit” but the sky too ends at one part of time so set your ideas and limit free and try to achieve in whatever way you like!


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जब माँ की ममता चरमवस्था पर पहुँचती है, जब वह अपना प्रेम सागर अपने बच्चे पर उडेल देती है तब उस छवि में ईश्वर का आकार निखर कर दिखाई देने लगता है | उसकी ममता में ईश्वर का जाई घोष सुनाई पड़ता हैं | निर्जीव, निरर्थक चीज़ों में भी अपनी रचनात्मकता से कोई अगर उसे सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बना सकता है, तो वो केवल एक नाबालिग बच्चा ही हो सकता हैं | माँ और बच्चे की विरह पीड़ा इतनी गहरी होती है कि उसमे ब्रह्मांड समा भी समा जाए और एक अबोध बालक की हँसी में इतनी उदारता होती है की एक नया ब्रह्मांड ही पैदा हो जाए |

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अर्थ,काम,मोह से बढ़कर

प्रेम का अस्तित्व हैं

माँ की ममता में समाया है ईश्वर

यही अंतिम सत्य हैं. . . .

. . . . निस्वार्थ प्रेम, यही उसका चरित्र हैं |

उड़ता हैं हवाओं में बादलों की तरह

रख कर पाँव ज़मीन पर

हौले-हौले,रुक-रुक कर,थम कर

बढ़ता है वो रखकर अपनत्व की अपेक्षा

अपेक्षाओं की थाली में परोसती है माँ,

मीठा-मीठा सा प्यार,

आँखेबंद कर निश्चिंत भाव से,

पी जाता है वो सारा प्यार |

माँ की ममता, विरह की कथा,

बच्चे की पीड़ा,माँ का प्यार,

सुख-दुख सदा,सदा ही साथ,

मिलता है मुझे ये तत्व ज्ञान,

प्रेम ही आराधना,प्रेम ही पूजा,प्रेम ही सम्मान |

अभिव्यक्ति के तरीके से ज़्यादा महत्वपूर्ण उसके पीछे छिपी हुई भावना है | माँ से बेहतर इसे और कों समझ सकता हैं |

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I bow my head and give up my strength to those who try to trap my innocence within me. I am a man with masculine power having all my strengths to win all wars, but against those kings and queens of corruption, I get ripped apart and bound in ropes of their black powers. They are back stabbers who are split personalities with one face white and the other side black. I waged wars against them but it resulted in me getting weakened and frustrated and this has made me numb. Those kings and queens resting in black palaces draw their strengths in seeing me naked. My nakedness shows them a great defeat but the flame within my heart is like a volcano waiting to burst out and burn their empires that stand upon pillars of salt and sand. The more is the wait the more will they suffer. It’s the inner strengthened soul of mine blaring out loud. It’s not me who will always be denied and the will to rise again and again when let down makes me stronger day by day. It heals me and my soul and raises the heat inside me. My world is neither black nor blind but its aware, in the darkness of clouds of corruption and those flames burning within are just waiting for that one ray of hope which will penetrate the dark clouds and tear them apart and throw light upon peace, harmony, justice and truth. And that will open my eyes which were made blinded during the wars I waged.

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Creative Writing event @ Panache 2013 by CampusWriting…

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