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Marriage, most appropriately defined as a union of two souls. Union of two souls doesn’t encompass any age barriers, but marriage is a responsibility to be realized by both. This realization can duly be achieved when both of them have attained understanding towards the world of things. Learning is a process which continues with time and experience. This has laid down the reason behind settling the marriage age to 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys. 

The legal age for marriage certifies that both of them have reached epitome of physical and mental development. When talking about physical aspects, it means that individuals are mature and are developed biologically. The hormonal changes and physical changes have completed. The on-set of puberty marks development of male and female reproductive genitals along with hormonal secretions leading opposites sex to attract. This is so natural. After deep observation and study of these physical and psychological  changes occurring in human body, government has fixed legal ages of marriage.

Why are people acting as illiterates? Why are they so eager to get married? What makes them lack this sense? Is it the problem of illiteracy? No, its not. Because even government is supporting them. High court verdicts, “Muslim girl can get married at 15years of age if she has attained puberty”. Does it make any sense? Onset of puberty marks development of human reproductive system and featuring signs of it.

In the Era of Education, where in people are spending thousands of bucks on various subjects of knowledge why they fail to understand the reason behind the legal marriage age. According to Mohammedan Law, “A girl can marry without the consent of her parents once she attains the age of puberty and she has the right to reside with her husband even if she is below the age of 18”. Does it make any sense? 

At 18, when teens should concentrate on their future aspects they are given a opportunity to flee and get married. Government has all support for the Mohammedan Law. Recently a mother of a 15year old girl filled a complaint against her daughter who married a person without the consent of her parents. High court ruled out the complaint and declared the marriage legal according to Mohammedan Law and the girl pleaded to remain at her matrimonial home. Courts decision has stunned me. Considering the legal age of marriage for a girl to be 18years, from where did the Mohammedan Law come? With all respect to its imbibing’s from Holy Quran , this the marriage aspect of this law is bit haphazard. This law gives a 15year old girl, who should be in 10th standard according to Indian Education System, right to marry anyone without the consent of her parents. A 15year old, just because she has onset of puberty, makes her eligible for getting married. A 15year old who still does not know much about the world, who still lacks skills to cook, skills to manage her family, expertise in managing her home, who is still in learning age; is given a right to marry. I am exasperated owing to High Courts approval and Government’s happy submission to Mohammedan Law. 

Government is over looking various problems which  arise owing to early marriages:

  • Increase in population: lack of wisdom, eagerness of sex, lack of proper sex education makes them major contributors towards growing population
  • Diseases: lack of sex education and proper understanding towards diseases make them more prone to various diseases.
  • Longer Time Period For Reproduction: owing to early marriages, couple gets extended years to reproduce.
  • Illiteracy & Poverty: more the number of members in the family, higher is the illiteracy and poverty.

Government of India should sincerely ponder on the laws which are already laid. Being proud of the longest constitution isn’t enough. You need to consider the clauses before applying them to the real world. Actions of Government should render progress of the country rather than hindering it.