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School Life… A remembrance…

Posted: July 9, 2013 by Ankur in Videos
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Time will heal it, the heart, maybe!

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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She was there, sitting on the edge, peeping out of the window, lost in her thoughts. Secrets surrounded her like the wind, strong enough to push people away! Suddenly, her gaze stopped at a bird struggling to get free from the chain which had tied her, helplessly!

Much like her, she realised was the bird, a mirror, reflecting her condition! Chained, due to other’s wish.  Days passed and she kept observing the bird’s struggle. Both of them apparently realised that life has numerous ups and downs, it even gives opportunities to start afresh but has only one end, which they wanted to decide for themselves. Although, with the passing time and repeated trials, in vain, mellowed down the girl and silenced the chirps of the bird! So much was trapped in the hollowness of their eyes, if only, someone could notice! Yet she hoped, someday, someone would hear what they had to say, from beneath their glassy wet walls.

The restricted flight of the bird constantly reminded her of her limited mobility and bounded expressions. Existing, they were, living, they forgot!

An eerie silence outside followed storms of thought within. The wind kept on coming and going, alternately buoying and tumbling the bird, hindering its progress after split second gain of balance.

After rigorous attempts, the bird stopped trying hard. No, she didn’t give in, just had stopped responding. Hope though, wasn’t lost, faith was still intact, one day, with the flight of the same wind, they’d finally escape their cage! The heart, didn’t fight back! It probably got too tired to even let go off something that never existed- FREEDOM!

Time will heal it, the heart, maybe!

Sakshi Upadhyaya

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

Classifications of a Teenage Misanthrope

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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There are idiots who buy 
Alcohol to get high 
But still it beats me 
Why they can’t see 
That they will eventually die. 

There are rich, spoilt kids 
Who get into angry fits 
When they don’t get the cash 
For their expensive stash 
Then smash their things to bits. 

Arrogance is always there 
There are “celebrities” with no time to spare 
For those with lower status 
For those who are not so famous 
Heck, they don’t even care. 

Then there the geeks and nerds 
Who confuse us with long words 
Computers they’ll stick to 
Big books they’ll read through 
They’re the least sociable of the herd. 

Also there are dorks who keep bunking 
In their exams they end up flunking 
Pretending to be drugged rebels 
Wasted on their way to hell 
Their brains they intend on junking. 

Then there are teens who are all depressed 
Coz of the feeling they’ve all suppressed 
And suddenly they’ll fly into a rage 
Spill out the anger that they’ve caged 
Spill out the feeling they didn’t express. 

Teens have their hearts broken 
Coz of the love left unspoken 
Because they’re too shy 
But don’t ask me why 
They like to leave their hearts chokin’

I am the odd one out 
Always confused, always in doubt 
Never fits in even though I try 
Then i just go home and cry 
Coz i’m never “in” with the crowd.

Anjana Suresh

TOPIC: It will heal in time; Maybe



Posted: September 26, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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“In remembrance, you shall stay with us

‘neath bright and stygian skies…

In remembrance of those mirthful days

Only true friends could suffice…”


Coming from me, the above might sound a tad bit ‘emotional’ and ‘sensitive’… very much antagonistic of my usual self… But do not be alarmed, the above never fervidly arose from my chronically disturbed encephalon. The above is just my rendition of the heart-warming aura I find myself encapsulated in… regretfully…

Four years of solitariness in tribal grasslands with the company of unknowns can have its toll on perfectly sound gentlemen, never mind the already perturbed.

For sanity’s sake, people made acquaintances, friends, buddies… whatever you wish to call them. Some even made enemies to add storm to their lull environment. I did not intend to make any ‘good friends’ or ‘sworn enemies’, but apparently my kaleidoscopic nature lead to the demise of my intentions, and I remained swarmed with people all throughout the four years… which I hate?… like?… I do not know… I cannot even tell…

Coming back to the present, I see a very overtly friendly nature in people around me. I think I understand this nature, the feeling of separation, the scare of moving on to a new life, the fear of starting again from the scratch in some other distant place.

This whole thing can get a bit excruciating, both emotionally and insensitively…

Just this afternoon… a friend of mine… shared a final hug… and said…

“We’ll meet again someday… keep in touch”

“Umm… sure man sure…” I could only reply.

“I’ll always remember the good old times” he said and hugged again.

As he hugged, an eerie response went through my head and brusquely I blurted it out…


“Try to forget me, remembrance is agony’s womb”


The guy looked at me in awe; remorselessly I looked back and nodded in agreement of my last reply. He walked away… probably forever… I stood there hoping for the same.

I am not an apathetic stone; I can be sympathetic and empathetic… I can be passionate and compassionate… It is just that others can never understand what I am, what makes me, what breaks me, why I sing, why I write, what I hate and whom I love… and what you don’t understand is what you should never fiddle with… and is better best forgotten…

I have lived under a veil of lies and now the weight of the veil is too much for me to bear. My back aches, my neck aches and most severely my heart aches.

I wish to burn this veil and start anew… I wish to burn this veil and start anew… I wish…

But I can never take the veil off if I am kept alive in remembrance. For what lies beneath the veil is an appalling panorama of deceit and to survive the four years the veil needed to be woven… the lies needed to be sewn onto it… fraudulence needed to be knit upon it…

It is most difficult for me to say goodbye, for I know when I say ‘Goodbye’ it means eternal… the perfect definition of ‘Goodbye’… to never meet again… to never follow…

I cause pain when remembered, I cause regret when treasured, I cause malady when cherished… I am the coyote amongst men… anguish breeds where I fornicate… misery serenades where I play my harp… I know this as I have witnessed it with my very eyes, heard it with my very ears and felt it with my own skin.

I wish I had never donned this veil… but that is hoping too much… and too late… I wish you all would forget me… but that again is hoping too much… and too late…

For now… friends… enemies… I can only say…


In remembrance, I will stay with you

‘neath the dark and vivid skies

In remembrance you shall curse me

For those vile and vicious lies…

Vikrant Singh

Brief About My Fav. Ritchie Malik

Posted: September 21, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Ritchie, as my cell phone screen blinks with her name flashing all over it, I can feel a breeze of positive energy surrounding me. Ritchie, is that breeze of positivity which transpires around those who are her good friends and family members. A happy go lucky girl, with all her smiles in place. She believes on the wide spread theorem of optimism, “Na tension lene ka, Na dene ka” (Stay happy, neither give someone any kind of tension, nor get worried for things).

Her behaviour varies with kind of people she dwells with. A perfect balance between her personal relations (family) and friends is something at which she strikes with all the ease. Her modest being has inspired me on various occasions to resemble my real self rather being an imposter or dual self. She is an honest friend and you can certainly rely on her. She has the courage to leap out of her comfort zone and make her friends comfortable at times of need. 

Though Cosy with reliable ones, but too speculative and doubtful for her new friends.  Dishonesty and abuses are a perfect lay off for her. If you want to impress be soft and be decent. A girl who can woo hearts of thousands of men but pessimist enough to even think herself fit for it. Girl who can have men laid down on streets avoid them like a mere piece of a sugar cake by a diabetic person.

A jolly natured girl with etiquettes, describes her in brief. She runs away from people she dislikes. Her relatives are no exceptions to it. Over showing of emotions is certainly not at her part. To some part of her life, she has spent in being a tom boy which has made her stern enough to avoid emotional overflow. Girls have tendency to over speak. She has it too. Girls have to tendency to over show their emotions. She lacks her set of it. If she feels bad something, she starts drawing herself away from the person. Tears play their part when she is hiding herself away from the entire world in a closed room. She tries to hide her emotions even from her own self.  In lieu of hiding and fighting back her emotional streak she suffers from what I will call an emotional imbalance because sometimes she possess mixed feeling about people.

An inert person; though so lively. Her presence could be ignored in a rush of hundreds of people, but her friends always value her existence. She is a saviour at times of need. She keeps her values intact never deterring to the teachings of her parents. In the sigh full thought I believe she was confused with her career decisions for quite a sometime. She avoids taking decisions and leaves them on time. A mentor, a friend, a guide is the need of an hour for her. Dedicated and committed towards any task she undertakes, she can drive her career to wonders if she is guided properly.  Now, as she has decided to prepare for MS, I can see that urge for working hard in her. Though undermines herself from CAT, which is a sheer show of under confidence, she prepare herself for a long battle with many others. A thoughtful advice, it’s a bad world out there. Don’t be good to all. Analyze and decide. Few people don’t deserve us; or rather few people are more deserving.

All I have to say about her, my dear friend Ritchie is an asset for me. She is diligent at work and jolly at home. A happy go lucky, modest girl drives her day to learning and fun with equal balance of love and hate. Your, “I don’t give a damn attitude”, is worth following.  Just give your best and forget the rest, is my advice. For all you do, you have your parents and friends right there to hold you if you fall. Just give it try; we know we won’t need to catch your back as you have the potential to excel. Wish you all the luck with all the very best with all the endeavours you undertake.

Bhaskar H. Narula


Posted: September 16, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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I hailed a ferry one night that took me,
Little miles apart from my city, away a few miles,
Now, only an expanse of wide sea can I see,
And the lights of the dock shine from as far as stars.

Those acrimonious squabbles sound, to my changed ears, ceremonious,
And that cozy room calls me back to its largeness,
The solitary elm tree in this town seems victorious,
Whereas my hothouse money plant has its leaves folded in sadness.

My bare new walls are dressed with pictures of many an old memory,
A kaleidoscope of vivid old incidents plays a film in mind,
My strange salad tastes like familiar old ‘fruit and celery’,
And I perceive as cruel even those looks passed so kind.

In the dying of twilight, I feel alive,
And I respire in the musk of cooing crepuscular life,
Reveling in invisibility and retreat, why do I even strive…
For prominence and renown, when divine privacy would totally suffice?

With a pining heart, I look forward to each night,
When I can be back in my cocooned school and family, in dreams,
Where things can be taken for granted and I can fight,
To the doomsday, knowing we’ll be friends even after the welter of
childish screams.

Nandini Sahay

NIFT Bangalore

In rememberence… A Wednesday

Posted: September 15, 2012 by aadrikanliu in Aadrika; NLIU Bhopal, Writes...
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In the rememberence of the spirit which united the nation on A Wednesday…

roi thi wo aankhen,
jinki koi pehchaan na thi,
roe the wo dil,
jinke koi juban na thi,
roya tha har sapna,
jo ek pal mein tut gaya,
pr jee utha wo jasba,
jo kahin tha kho gaya…


26/11/2008 a wednesday.. a day that changed our lives forever.. which after long time of  “maratha manush” politics brought back whole country together. an attack not just on our soverignity but on our lives, our belives, our values… which made us realise “hey, the one died was one among us… one of ours..” deep within us we found ourselves connected, we discovered ourselves united, we cried for the loses of those whom we never met, whom we didn’t even knew.. the victims had no face.. because somehow every reflection in the mirror was the face of victim.. stories are told of that day… how ordinary man rose to be heronot just the forces who hunted those terrorists down… or the big faces we remember today.. karkare, kamte, salaskarbut there were heroes.. the unsung heroes… Vishnu Dattaram Zende the railway announcer of CST.. who held his position guiding the public on plateform to safe exits.. when CST was under attack… and his booth was under fire.. he held his position… or Karambir Kang general manager of Taj who beared the loss of his whole family in attacks at hotel was directing guests to the safety.. on the face of such personal tragedy a man stood up came forward did something which was beyond the call of duty… they did it for the voice within them…the call of humanity, spirit of brotherhood, and great courage…the triumph we saw on 29th nov after 3 days.. was not gifted to us by some few… but by whole mumbai with its true spirit.. and because they believed in hero within themselves… fire fighters who without any safety equipments were doing there duty… hotel staffs who changed the meaning of hospitality forever.. doctors who worked around the clock as wounded keep coming in.. in true sense it was never an attack by some fanatics against the nation… it was not attack by Pakistan on India.. it was definitely not the fight between good and evil… it was a test of spirit… it was test of our values… our believes… and we stood up to it… no matter how busy our lives are… or how isolated we feel… at the moment of distress we know we can count on person standing beside us.. we know if we fall the one behind us will get hold on us… and living with this trust.. is only living life in true sense… if u feel the pain of those who u never knew… if u can cry for their sufferings… if u feel united to the society you are part of… if u feel ur heart beating for a cause..  if u believe in hero within you… then yes.. you are living…… LOVE&LIFE

a salute to the spirit who sacrificed there lives just for the believe which they stand for

aao jhuk kr salaam kren unhe,
jinke hisse mein ye mukaam aata hai,
kiskadar khushnasib hain wo log,
khun jinka watan k kaam aata hai….


Shubham Kesharvani

National law institute university

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

The words of diary you always wanted to see…

Posted: September 13, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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There is something new, 
“Or is it the same old wine in a new bottle”,
The seasons have changed,
The mayhem has passed,
The flowing breeze is new;
So I know, It Is U…..

Those days were sane,
When a glimpse of yours; 
Would rush the blood through my vein,
The adolescence was at its peak,
and I was indeed pretty meek.
When my eyes first caught your sight;
I knew it would be U…..

I still remember the first chat;
It all started with the nostalgic yellow bus,
When I was close to you, without a major muss,
The globe was tracing love that day,
I still remember the first smile you gave,
That Day;
When my words would make you move,
I knew it was U….

The auspicious night then came,
When with authority I could take your name,
The three words again did the trick,
When you asserted we would click,
With spring around, the days were such,
We knew that ‘I’ changed to ‘US’….

They say love is harsh,
But I was yet to feel the cold,
With minor hiccups en-route,
Our sail was indeed smooth,
With blossoming flowers and the sky blue,
I was reassured the future were U….

As they say happy times do end,
And this was my turn to bend,
Those were unfamiliar gestures which you sent,
I didn’t have a clue, what you meant,
With so much care, I wonder why did you screw,
But for the first time;
You gave me a hint, it wasn’t U…..

A year has passed,and there is so much to say,
With such lovely passion, wish you were here to stay,
All of this is what my diary had,
Such a beautiful relationship;
I’m sure, it isn’t destined to end like this,
I await the day, you return me the same,
Amidst all, when I would take your name.
As I can still smell your scent;
I arguably think, it is you….


There is something new,
Or is it ” the same old wine in a new bottle”,
The seasons have changed,
The mayhem has passed,
The flowing breeze is new;
As i hope , This Is U…..!!!!

Krishna Prasad V S

My first semester results were overwhelming. Dad was getting a little optimistic about me. As good as it was, guilt tends to wear off soon. I was back to square one. I bunked classes, started taking tests lightly, and so, my basics of engineering were built upon pretty much loose soil. I scraped through, semester after semester, through courses whose relevance beyond the final exams were a source of mystery. There are hundreds of students studying ECE with me. I’ve spent countless nights trying to understand the universe’s motive behind throwing us in the ‘ECE’ pool. There are guys who would have been excellent cooks, managers, business owners, writers, ad film makers, animators and musicians, had it not been for the four-year engineering course.

This reminds me of a few lines of a shayari-

“Zindagi ke chand lamhe, khud ki khaatir hi rakho,
Bheed me jyada rahe to khud bhi gum ho jaoge.”

Well, well whatever fate might have decided for me. Let us see the inside story of engineering hostels.
“Hostel  Life” the term gives us goose bumps because of various reasons that are all known to almost all of us. Whenever we think of this place, a tsunami of thoughts comes into our mind and makes us think, how is it going to be?

I have lived in a hostel when I was in school, so this term never haunted me and believe me; I have experienced the deadliest intros and fagging by seniors. I have spent 4 years in a boarding when I was very young. I had faced all the tantrums and mood swings when you are in hostel. The worst part about this life is “seniors” and “rules”. As they say, “Rules are meant to be broken”, well, that’s an eternal truth. When I was in a boarding school, rules were very strict and we had to be under our bed covers by 9:30. But time has changed!

This college life is something else, way beyond my expectations and imagination. There are some restrictions (which I find quite silly) but the fact is I have actually become a nocturnal. There are no fixed sleep hours. One can sleep as much and whenever one wants to and the best part about it is the cacophony of your mom’s or warden’s irritating voice will not be there to wake you up on time. “Eat, sleep, study whenever you want to”. Hostel life, the least I can say is, changes like a weather cycle. There are different moods and atmosphere throughout the year.

When a new semester starts, there is a lot to catch up with. Gossip sessions with friends,  all the half-watched movies, which you couldn’t see because your parents didn’t allow you to go to a multiplex and that’s where the college LAN comes into play. There is no limit on the number of games (counterstrike being a popular one among the boys), movies and other stuff that one can watch back to back and of course a lot of facebooking!  Most of my friends are “on call” with their dear ones the whole night.

Another thing that makes your hostel life most memorable is, late night birthday parties. Whenever it’s your friend’s birthday or even a person about whom you don’t know much, you’d work on so many things just to make that day a memorable one for him/her. Yes, the amount of labor being put into it sometimes exceeds the hard work that we do to keep up with our own studies. Oh, those late nights cake facials, and that spirit of dance away to the glory on the music at the highest possible volume and unlimited number of photographs (which are uploaded on Facebook the very same day, no matter how bad they are!) to etch the memories in your brain and heart. And last but definitely not the least, the EXAM time! Oh God, what a dilemma. You can literally see everyone running around with notes, incomplete practical files, assignments and other stuff to ensure that they submit it on time. A whole lot of students are busy in group studies with midnight munching and gossiping. Some of them sit alone in their rooms (the so called, batch toppers) to ensure that they do not lose their position in the batch. And some could be found surfing Internet, watching movies and having all the possible fun just to ensure that the dilemma doesn’t strike them. Those days when we have our assignments, a month before the end term exams are like most tiresome part of hostel life. But, once you’re done with the exams, you feel like the king of the world and are ready to kick away everything that comes in your way.

“As they say, you cannot bring back the good old days like your school ones, the same is applicable for your hostel. Make it as awesome and as memorable you can, because these days will never come back!”

Priyanka Gupta
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur