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An answered farmer’s cry…

Posted: September 1, 2012 by aadrikanliu in Aadrika; NLIU Bhopal, Writes...
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The earth was dry skinned… So dry with the sun’s mighty heat that it had stopped crying. There was dryness everywhere out and everywhere insideinside so deep that it met with fire. There seemed no difference between hell and heaven, both with hatred and love… but with the heat, no sign of wetness existed there, no sign of life created by soil of the skin of dry earth.

Wetness was only inside the strongest animal of the earthwho was controlling himself not to break, but he could not break the fiery bond between his family.

He looked at his dying hope… a wretched piece of earth which had taken half the life of that man as struggle but still was half empty, and then at his dying children with their mouths open for a drop of water… the farmer unable to control the river inside his heart gazed above with his moist hopeful eyes meeting with the equally moist eyes of the rain goddess, who was dawning on the sky like a dream with her soothing long gown flying above the almighty sun, with her cloudy children beside her she felt the pain of farmer’s dying children…

Tears started falling from her eyes meeting with sadness of farmer’s eye forming a sign of support giving a lift and strength to the rain drops pattering on the cheeks of earth. Comfort spreads on the heated ground of earththe dry tears on farmer’s face are accompanied by the rain falling on his curved lips. His children are rejoicing with the children of rain.

A sign of everlasting love is seen between the meeting of soil and water. The comfort provided to Mother Nature makes her alive and she thanks the rain by forming half a circle of  her greenery accompanied with the colorful rainbow smile of the earth making a complete circle of love.

The end of the rainbow sends shimmering colors down the rain goddess surrounded by blessings of white clouds, the sun blesses her with the crown of rays for her godliness against him and deep down the soul of farmer thanks her. Deeply touched by all this, the rain goddess smiles with joy-never-felt-before and a small tear glints at the corner of her eye.

Prachi Shah

National law institute university

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

this poem is the outcome of continuous lectures and long college timing; forced my mind to seek solace in this comforting world of poetry

It is joy that I seek
When I play with raining drops
When I stand in swaying grass
When my eyes behold the setting sun
It is not wealth but joy that I seek;

The world is nothing but illusion and dream
Mansions and coins, soon shall they slip
Those whom you love shall seldom weep
While beneath dust for eternity you sleep;

While men wander in endless greed
Placing their hopes in fleeting things
Happy is soul which has simple needs
Material heart surely bleeds;

For pure intention of blissful end
For freedom of heart and truthful friend
I have left this world, before my heart is tired of beats
It is joy that I seek!!

Abrar Ahmed
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

An ode to the bustling lives..!!!
An artist searches for his lost soul through his art,
And a struggler tiptoes on the brink of heartbreak searching his Sun in the dark…!!!!
A mother waits beside a telephone to hear her son’s voice,
And a loner stands on a balcony watching rain while a silent tear drop makes his cheeks moist…!!!!

Someone seeks vendetta from innocent for the ill once drawn to him in the past,
And a broken heart tries to strengthen itself by making a silent promise to never let his emotions last…!!!!

An old lady looks at the front door waiting for her grandson on her birthday,
And a mourner, deep in night, stares at moon thinking of the tragedies that had came upon him in the past days…!!!!

Someone sits lonely staring over her coffee, seeking for a shoulder on whom she can cry,
And someone, somewhere, opens the cork of his champagne enjoying his success alone staring at a night sky…!!!!

Every heart has his own sorrow,
A dreamer searches his opportunity in next morrow…
Each men carries pains,
lives full of stains…
It is always better to forget, live on and move,
Then to start living your life as a recluse……!!!!!!!!

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur




Be My Muse, O Rain

Posted: August 6, 2012 by Zoyeb in Writes...
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I kneel down in front of you,
O rain,
Be my muse, my savior, my redemption.
Descend from righteous heaven to this dreary earth,
And wipe away the sins of mankind.
For thou is the holy water,
And thou is the saint sent to wipe away the charlatans.

Let every touch of thy drop be angelic,
And let every crystal of thy perish the violence slowly.
Bathe me out of my misdemeanors,
And turn me into a faithful believer.
Let your flamboyant purity,
Deliver me from the darkness into an eternity of light.

I seek love in the creaks of the cloud,
From where thou set your foot in our realm.
I delve for the final completion of myself,
In the way thou caress my skin.
Let the shining crystals in the heart of your droplets,
Fill my soul with rays of forgiveness.
I kneel down in front of you,
O rain,
Be my muse, my savior, my redemption.

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur