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Kya bataun tumhe mere sapno ka jahan kaisa tha….
Dil main basi khusi aur wo chehre pe muskurahatshayad main us jannat ki dehliz pe rehta tha..

Har din ka ujala jaise ek nayi jindge ka farman hota tha aur uski ek hasi pe ye dil har baar kurban hota tha…
Unki ek jhalak ke liye ye aankhen roz samay se pehle khulti thi…
Tabhi toh shayad ye class main sirf unhe he dundha karti thi…
Unke intejar main ye dil aise dhadhka karta tha…
Jaise har ek lamha ek arsa laga karta tha…
Unka mujhpe gussa karna ek apne pan ka ehsas dilata tha…
Unka pata nhi par mere liye toh sirf ye unke liye mere pyar ko bhadata tha….
Unki aankhon main maine apne liye pyar ko dekha tha..
Sacchayi ke wo askon ko unki baton main rehte dekha tha…
Keh na pate thay jo hum wo bus ek nazar he keh jati thi…
Aage baithe wo yun peeche mud ke dekha karti thi…
Sapno ke us jahan main sirf khushiyon ki mehfil sajti thi…
Kyunki gum ke sagar ko wo apne dil main dabakar rakhti thi…
Unko chodne ke chakkar mein main roz uncle se dant khata tha…
Par phir bhi un uncle pe na jane kyun itna pyar aata tha…
Sapno ke us jahan main shayad poora jee chukka hun main…
Shayad isiliye sapno ke uss jahaan ko sab kuch de chukka hun main…
Apno se jyada main unki khushiyon pe dhyan deta tha…
Ab aur kya bataun mere sapno ka jhan kaisa tha…

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

As the golden day passes by…
My urge to see you makes me cry…
Cruel sun… shines harsh on me
And evenings are on what not to be
Midst of all what makes me see
Your buttery eyes the joy for me
From morning seven to evening nine
More tears roll down but I am fine
Why is it so difficult for you to feel?
What’s inside me and urges u to appeal
They make me crazy I try not to see
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
I know it well I’m not the one for you
That day will come which ends blue
Am I deaf or blind to see?
What’s shouting within n wants to get free
Or is it you who’s binding me…
Your buttery eyes d joy for me
The questions are more and answers few
That black in me grew and grew
All those ugly shades of colour
My spirits getting as more duller
What only puts me on and on
Is the melody of your hearts chiffon
My only thing and hope of glee
Your buttery eyes… The joy for me

Abhishek Kumar
Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur

Contest :  It will heal with time ;Maybe|

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

You came into my life like an angel,

To rise me up in my time,

You blew away the darkness,

Such is your might.

My heart holds on to you,


I promise I’ll never let go.

I love you my left, I love you my right.

The world is our’s to conquer,

Our flag of love ,

Will reign over kingdoms,

People’s hearts.

The kiss of your lips,

Works as balm on my pain.

One small smile,

Makes my eyes twinkle

Like the stars of the night.

I love you and only you,

Together me and you,

Just you and me

Together forever..!

Jimmy Idnani

Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

Contest: Relationships? Are they about emotions and compatibility?

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

Aaj tanhaan hun main in raahon mein, toh yaad teri aati hai
Jab hota hun neendon mein, toh sapnon mein tu aati hai
Kholta hun palkein, toh kahi ozal tu ho jaati hai
Saamne bhi aa mere kabhi, kyon saaya ban mujhe rulaati hai?

Aata hun piche tere

Tujhe apne kareeb lane ko
Par is bheed mein tu hamesha kahin kho jaati hai!

Mann karta hai, tujhe tham lun in baahon mein aaj
Par tu hawa jitni chanchal, pakad mein kahan aati hai?
Bas mehsoos kar leta hun tujhe, jab yaad teri aati hai
Aakhir tanhaan hun in rahon mein, yaad teri aati hai

Shivendu Pareek
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

Nose to Nose

Posted: May 9, 2012 by Shivangi (: in Writes...
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The sun was pouring in from a window somewhere as it lit even the darkest corners of the studio apartment that was now home for us. It is strange, how a few months back when we’d come as renters here, the place was a mere one-room-hell-hole. The very prospect of living here had scared me silly. I still remember, the floor was covered in a thick layer of dust. Broken window panes, and a foul smell of dead rats – that’s what we’d encountered. And now, it was home. Every nook of this little haven, we had memories we could talk about. There was no place as beautiful as this place. For us, this was home. This was our little hideaway!

And as I sat on the kitchen platform cross-legged, with the refrigerator open right next to me, thinking about the good times. There he was, my perfect gift from god (!), taking out things from the “cooling almirah”, with sheer grace and ease. It was a Sunday morning. His day in the kitchen. I was stunned by his elegance and expertise as he chopped some vegetables into equal cubes, while I sat idly, my magazine lying in a corner now. All I could do was just admire him, smiling to myself occasionally as I did so. “He was perfect. And he was all mine.” A giggle slipped from my lips as the thought struck me. He heard me. AND caught me staring at him. I felt my cheeks burn. Even after all these days, I still felt embarrassed. And as my eyes went downcast, I saw him swiftly put the knife on the chopping board. I looked up and there he was! Coming towards me as he undid the knot of his apron, arms wide open. I jumped down from my “place of a viewer” and became a part of the scene. “Enough time wasted being a spectator” I thought to myself as I embraced him. I was contented. I felt complete. He messed with my hair as we touched “nose to nose”.

“This is my favourite place.” I sighed. “In my arms?” he asked. “No, with the nose to nose.” He laughed lightly, “Movie?”

Nothing Better.” I smiled.