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An ode to the bustling lives..!!!
An artist searches for his lost soul through his art,
And a struggler tiptoes on the brink of heartbreak searching his Sun in the dark…!!!!
A mother waits beside a telephone to hear her son’s voice,
And a loner stands on a balcony watching rain while a silent tear drop makes his cheeks moist…!!!!

Someone seeks vendetta from innocent for the ill once drawn to him in the past,
And a broken heart tries to strengthen itself by making a silent promise to never let his emotions last…!!!!

An old lady looks at the front door waiting for her grandson on her birthday,
And a mourner, deep in night, stares at moon thinking of the tragedies that had came upon him in the past days…!!!!

Someone sits lonely staring over her coffee, seeking for a shoulder on whom she can cry,
And someone, somewhere, opens the cork of his champagne enjoying his success alone staring at a night sky…!!!!

Every heart has his own sorrow,
A dreamer searches his opportunity in next morrow…
Each men carries pains,
lives full of stains…
It is always better to forget, live on and move,
Then to start living your life as a recluse……!!!!!!!!

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur