I sigh…

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Whom do i resort to tonight!!!!
To my lonliness, who has always been a traitor in my solitude,
Or to my insanity, who rips apart my bizarre convictions
A nameless fear grips me from within
Seldom perturbed by those witches of uncertainty
And keeps me awake with a smirk of namelessness
I sigh!!!!when did i fall for this fear-fairy. I sigh again!!!!

Whom do i share with, my faith tonight!!!!!
The known faces have lost in oblivion,
In search of a meaning may be!!!
Coz my belief was rotting every day
And could give no meaning to them
Leaving behind an empty space of despair.
Am i lost??or am i pretending to be lost??
An insidious parasite creeped in to revolt
Suddenly i find peace in unknown faces
They are free from perception
They are free from eruptions
And that is what soothes me tonight
I sigh!!!! When did i fall for an unknown!!! I sigh again

Debanjan Som



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