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Life is too complex. Nothing can be perfect in life, what can be good for one can be worst for another” 

Every girl dreams of her “prince charming”- the character appearing in a number of fairy tales, he is the prince who rides a white horse, handsome and romantic being his prime characteristics; he comes to the rescue of the damsel in distress and saves her from the evil. In a nutshell, he is the “perfect one”. The act of perfection seldom has a perfect meaning- it’s different for everyone. For some perfection is a mere art of doing things in the best way possible while for others it’s more or less a concept of rocket science where a small mistake can be fatal. How do we find a perfect definition of perfection is the question??

The act of being perfect requires a brief expounding so that it claims a locus standi in the minds of people who claim to be perfect. Every man on earth has been blessed with two facets- one godly and the other evil. In my opinion, while the godly element pushes us to do good, the evil forces us towards negativity. These two elements are always hovering near our shoulders- the angel on the right and the devil or demon on the left. The angel represents conscience and the devil representing temptation, easily shows the inner conflict of our character. We all being made of same flesh and bone, face this situation in our everyday lives and this defines a simple fact nothing is black or white- we all have the shades of grey.

The rudiment entails that Adolf Hitler, a man known for his tyrannical rule wanted to become a painter in his early teenage years. Embittered at his rejection by the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts he adopted a view of life which changed very little in the ensuing years, shaped as it was by a pathological hatred of Jews and Marxists, liberalism and the cosmopolitan Habsburg monarchy. Imagine a young painter turning into a cruel destructor!! The act was perfect in terms of destruction; the good side being overpowered by bad and still Hitler was a hero for many. All of us crave for perfection, right??

An important facet of this issue still needs emphasis. Prima facie the proposition in the proposed question appears to be innocent but it isn’t so in reality. We have numerous examples of how and when our historical heroes displayed their shades of grey, the best example being Lord Rama. His personality enamours me- the way he stood out as a cynosure in this deep, gloomy world and yes, didn’t think for a second before sentencing his pregnant wife a lifelong exile. This being done, listening to a futile gossip. I apologize if that means I’m hurting someone’s religious sentiments but then where was the “hero”??

The fast nailed truth is, “Too much light blinds us; too much noise deafens us; too great a distance prevents our view; too much love spoils its effect.” Too much good is as fatal as too much of bad and when it comes to judging between a good man and a bad man; I would preferably say both are man. The importance of goodness or badness can be denied with a slighting sneer and a similar concept applies for perfection. Everyone is both good and bad. We proudly veil the evil within us achieving the state of perfectionism and this is what disturbs the cycle of life. We love watching our bright end forgetting what we are, when we lie under the darker side of penumbra.

Therefore, the next time whenever we judge a person’s character; trying to define a clear line between the good and the evil we must remember that no such line exists. A person should be accepted the way he is and not wishing to change him into someone else. Like a point can be seen from 360 degree different angles, a good thing can never remain good and a bad thing cannot be bad forever. A man’s character is neither good nor bad; it’s a combination of two in varying proportions; thus displaying the shades of grey.

Garima Saxena


    Shades of grey- helps you understand a person better, rather than trying to change him into someone of our liking.

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