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Life is very short, so it is advised to live your life fullest‘. A thought, thought by many but interpreted by very few. 

There was once girl who very well understood the meaning of this thought and implemented it thoroughly in her life. Her name was Ujjwala. She was the only daughter of her parents. ‘Ujjwala’ means ‘brightening’. She had very well interpreted the meaning of her name. She always thought of brightening the life of others through her good deeds. But, God had sent her with one defect because of which she was always misinterpreted by people. She was a short statured girl. Because of her short height she had become a laughing stock in her school. But then too she accepted her defect sportingly. But as we see in today’s life, no one is a friend; here all are against each other, so as we see that she had taken her defect sportingly people surrounding her didn’t allowed her to take this sportingly.

An astrologer had predicted that she will die soon. So this had made her very sad, so one day she thought of running away from the house. So, one night when everyone around in her home sleeping she packed her bag and started running. By the time she also thought of taking shortcut rather than going through main road to the railway station. So she went on through the forest. That night was very dark. As she was crossing through the forest she heard some noises.

As she was running through the forest the bag in which she was everything, her accessories tore off. But this did not discourage her. Even though her bag had tore off still she carried away the bag. She remembered what her mother used to say to her,” life is not a burden, sometime some situation may arise that you may break down in tears or then you must be strong enough to face the situation. While remembering this entire thing she remembered about her mother. She realized that by the time she will be much tensed for her. She then thought of her father who had not once but many times who had not once but many times had encourage her to pursue her own. She thought of her friend Ramya, Neha who had never distinguished her from others. Realizing all this she went back towards the main road and start walking towards her home.

After reaching home she saw a drastic incident happening in her home. She saw her home burning in flames. This was out of her imagination she wanted to go towards the site but she was not allowed by her neighbors. Firemen came there to douse fire; they also tried to save the persons inside the house but unfortunately couldn’t save anyone. Being all this Ujjwala started crying. By then an old lady came towards her and asked her, ‘’what happened my child why are you crying? Where were you when all this was happening? Ujjwala told everything to that lady. She was shocked hearing this. She had never thought that the girl with full of life, energy can ever do this. She asked Ujjwala for the reason. She told her that she was pissed by her life. Every time she wanted to accept any defect sportingly she couldn’t do so. She added, “There’s always something that binds me and doesn’t allow me to think positive. I was pissed off hearing abuses of people regarding my height. So I thought of running away”.

After hearing this lady told her, “My child, in our life we may face many hurdles, but that doesn’t mean you should run away, you should believe in yourself & face the situation sportingly. Life is very short; no one knows what will happen in future. So, live your life to the fullest. After hearing to that old lady Ujjwala got inspired and promised that lady that she will never run away from the situation.

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Epilogue – AFTER 5 YEARS

Now Ujjwala is very happy. She had fulfilled the dreams of her father, of serving poor people by curing their diseases free of cost. She had opened a small clinic where several people, people from far places come to checkup. Thus she had lived her life the fullest was so the prediction by the astrologer was proved wrong. She lived for 10 more years and served people thoroughly.

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