Change: the Life’s essence

Posted: September 9, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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I took a blind-leap to this new path again. I was changing. It always happens, and will happen that whatever we never intend to or ever thought would be so impossible, coming in your way and changing whatever conviction you had built so far, making you doubt of your past years of existence.

So for now, I would go through the list of prayers printed on a piece of paper lying beside. My mind subsides. I lie down in peace. It’s just the conscious mind, whereas the subconscious mind is rising to life. The alpha state I experience…

The lush green grasses, reaching till my shoulders. I am between them, tossing around, alone. The weather’s balmy with less of sunlight from above. With above, I reached on sky-walkers, along the city but never into it. Such was the story there one day, were together but miles apart. Next, comes the car abruptly to stop. Had been a second late of it, then it could have been the bane from this time and a start of another life elsewhere. Sounds chimerical as nobody knows of it. I’ve been travelling, like the breeze into my room making the prayer paper to flap gently. Then, few minutes later, I hear to the bells ringing from a distant church. Oh! it is Sunday. The day to remember and rest and go to to worship God in Christians. I remember going to church in my childhood days and now, is relaxing in home currently. How time changes, so do the people, places and situations.
My Guide says “Sabur(patience) and Wali(mastery) are the things you gotta practice in this ever-changing life. We all are approaching homes, my dear one.”

Evanjelina K

NIFT, Mumbai

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